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    Has somebody a modificated bin file available without hall sensor impact?

    At the moment I only can simulate TDC and start gear - may somebody had solved this issue on an easy way?
    (at the V8 I don't need the hall sensor really - so may I modify the code in the same way...)

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    Hall sensor signal needs only short to ground to "run" (with DTC of course) - for my desk testing code enough.


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      Originally posted by Acki View Post
      Hall sensor signal needs only short to ground to "run" (with DTC of course) - for my desk testing code enough.
      I'm sure that you analyzed the code 00000205 ; START OF FUNCTION CHUNK FOR IEX3_0 where P3.4 (G40 Cam Position Hall Effect Sensor - i hope you mean that sensor, because G4 and G28 are also Hall effect based) is condition for jumps and there will find - is it possible to avoid that function?!!


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        G4 and G28 are inductive sensors, not hall sensors in the typical case. The hall sensor will provide a signal in low rpm which is needed for the I5

        P3.4 is the hall sensor signal when I'm not wrong, and then the RAM_51 timing and sets the sensor flags A7/A8...
        So with short to ground it's running the injector outputs - timing isn't important for me, that's why I didn't checked the code more - I tested it, it worked - without knock sensors installed the boost control etc. is anyways blocked.
        My soundcard only has 2 channels to generate the signals (crankwheelpulser I'm using! Awesome tool for this!).


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          I found this nice software for generate the needed signals via soundcard:

          For the VR signals I use coils 8 Ohm/1300 Ohm (audio transformer).

          My 5.1 usb soundcards has some driver issue at the moment (Win10...) but then I can also generate the hall sensor


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            Hall sensor you need only a short pulse to start, then the engine will run normally, but timing will be retarded in boost/knock chip because knock control can't work without it IIRC.

            But you can start the car with a totally gone hall sensor just by taking a piece of wire, having one person cranking the car and then shorting the signal to positive every now and then.

            I know because I personally did this a long time ago, when a dead sensor left me stranded. Sometimes it will start in wrong phase, but I got it running eventually.


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              Yes I already wrote it but would like to have all 3 sensors working ^^