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RS2 vs. S2 rear and front stabilizer links

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  • RS2 vs. S2 rear and front stabilizer links

    Has someone analyzed the differences of RS2 rear and front anti roll bar / stabilizers and their mountigs to S2 ABY Avant / Sedan ?

    ABY ~26mm
    ADU ~28mm

    ABY ~12-13mm
    S4 biturbo ~15mm
    RS2 ~16mm
    RS4 biturbo is 17mm

    For some reason the links for rear and front stabilizers are for some reason different in ETKA. Any technical explanation why so ?

    RS2 rear link
    8a0505465d links
    8a0505466d rechts
    length ?

    ABY Avant/Sedan rear link
    8D0505465 links
    8D0505466 rechts
    length ?

    RS2 front stabi link
    8A0407465c links
    8A0407465c rechts
    - length ?

    ABY Avant/Sedan front stabi link
    8A0407465 269,5mm
    8A0407465 269,5mm
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    Now installed with ABY anti roll bar links (front and rear both) and works great. Rs4 has the same rear link number in etka. S2 has not been that stable to drive with earlier stock anti roll bars. Very recommended upgrade. And I even drive with factory stock sport springs and shocks. I´d rather mod the roll bars to stiffer ones and not change shorter stiffer springs. So it feels now. Other opinions wellcome. Maybe with rs2 springs and shocks even better but maybe not worth the money.

    RS4 rear anti roll bar is 1mm bigger than in rs2 (16mm vs. 17mm) and is direct fit like S4 biturbo anti roll bar 15mm.
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      I tried to see what might happen with shorter or longer anti roll bar links and it seems that if shorter springs are installed then some clearances might be a little bit small.

      I also changed new bishings to front lower wisbones and it seems that the change of bigger anti roll bar made bigger difference. The new bushes effect is visible in strong braking.

      Rear bushes are still originals and planty of new ones to change to s2 avant/sedan.


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        Originally posted by Tommy200rs View Post
        ABY ~26mm
        ADU ~28mm
        Is it 100% that RS2 (ADU) front stabilizer 8A0411309 is 28mm ? I have measured 27mm and powerflex bushes catalog gives 27mm
        when superflex is 28mm

        I can't find by VAG 8A0411309 part number what is the diameter of this stabilizer or what are 8A0411327 inner bushes diameter ...

        For rear stabilizer VAG 8A0511409L is showing 16mm, and I have measured 16mm and powerflex gives measurement 16mm, for these 8A0511327E inner bushes; superflex has no inner bushes for rear stabilizer ....


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          Old post ...
          but, confirm front stabi 8A0411309 is 28mm
          I've used Superflex on mine (

          dunno about rear ...


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            ps :
            rubber mounts has normally smaller dia than the bar ...
            - 893411309G (25 mm) - rubber mount : 893411327E (23.5 mm)
            - 895411309 (26 mm) - rubber mount : 811411327B (24.5 mm)
            - 8A0411309 (28 mm) - rubber mount : 8A0411327 (xx.x mm) (I used Superflex 26 mm)