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Bleeding power steering

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  • Bleeding power steering

    I have just changed the power steering cooler pipe on my rs2.
    I need to know how to bleed the power steering fluid?
    Do I just fill it up and turn the steering lock to lock with the cap off?

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      Yep exactly, cap on though, no need for it to be off, in fact it may blow fluid out if it is.

      Then check level after.


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        Thanks! I have done this then driven 1 hr or so and it started whining again. Repeated the process and It stopped now it then came back again I did the bleeding procedure again and if helped a bit this time but it's started whining badly again. How do I tell if the pump is okay?
        i think I'm losing some fluid. It's dripping down the pipe that comes from the pump and joins the cooler pipe?
        could if he the x plug on the pump that you see?
        could I be losing fluid/pressure from the pump causing the noise?


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          If the level is dropping after an hour, you will see the leak quite clearly.

          If it is whining with the level still OK, it is possible you are drawing air into the system at some point, most likely on the inlet to the pump, check these are tight and the copper crush washers are in good nick.

          It could be the X plugs, but these normally leak pretty visibly, if they are.