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RS2 Rear Subframe Bush Removal

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  • RS2 Rear Subframe Bush Removal

    Hi what do you guys use to get the bushes out of the RS2 subframe,?

    The subframe is off the car and was wondering what you use to pull the bushes (tubing and threaded stud), (a press) or some other method? Is there an Audi/VW OEM tool to do this job easily?

    If anyone has a tool would you rent it out?

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    A few different methods including pressing, cutting and burning. They are not easy to remove though. Pressing out is the most environmentally friendly but burning is simplest
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      The avant bushings aren't that hard to remove, cut the rubber flange off the top side then hit it with a big hammer. If the center column falls out it will be even easier to remove.
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        Thanks very much for that I will give that a go initially.


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          Burn it out then cut the sleeve with a hacksaw then use the nut and bolt to refit easy peasy


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            I never done it on RS2 but S2 Coupe bushes are nightmare to press back in,I ended up with using power flex bushes instead.There is a special tools but I didn't have them and even with plenty of lube I still could not press them in as the rubber lip started to split up.But you might be more lucky with your RS2 bushes