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  • rs2 upgrades

    My front left shock has given up and I'm looking at upgrading all round while I'm replacing it for better handling on spirited driving.
    I'd like better suspension and to combat the body roll that the car is prone to when cornering fast.
    Ive read a bit about the bilstein and h&r spring setup which sounds good but the roads where I live are pretty bad so don't want to go
    much lower even though I don't mind the look.
    Looking for suggestions as to what can be done.

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    I know you've posted elsewhere on the forum about an upgrade on all of the various fronts for the RS2.

    But in relation to the suspension query in this post - IMHO given the bad roads and wanting to have a car that is nice / easy to daily, and is now a valuable car, i.e. collectable and worth money, any changes should be reversible and should not be too dramatic.

    Realistically how often does a car get driven at 10/10 on the road where it needs a track spec level of suspension. Easy to get carried away on this forum.

    So I'd say standard springs, with Bilstein shocks, new oem bushes rather than poly, 17"rims, 8 x 17 with 225/45/17 or 8.5 x 17 with 235/45/17 tyres.

    Neuspeed rear anti roll bar all day long.


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        Our old barges are really very crude by modern performance standards so you do need to accept the limitations of the chassis.
        I agree, avoid H&Rs IMHO - the spring rates are barely different to stock and they will lower the car, drop the roll centre and actually introduce more body roll.
        Bilstein dampers are a good option, KW V1s are very good for the money, the spring rates are quite a lot stiffer than stock but the damping is well matched and they don't feel that stiff on the road. You can of course set your ride height to suit and do some small improvements to the corner weights. I prefer poly bushes to OEM, in my opinion they do make the car feel a lot more direct and responsive but its all subjective. As above a stiffer rear ARB will be the best bang-for-buck upgrade and getting a decent geometry setup really makes a difference too. There are many other small improvements you can make to sharpen them up and improve the driving experience
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          Agree with Error, the KW1 are a good option when your budget allows which it may do in this case.

          Bushes are subjective - One has to decide on the balance of daily comfort versus Track like performance.

          Also, agree re the positive benefits of a good geometry set up.

          Error, I'd be keen to hear what are the other little touches that you'd do to improve the driving experience ?

          Always keen to make mine sweeter.



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            gotta say I like poly and ally bushes. on some cars they make them feel a bit harsh. think on the coupe with the sloppy shell that issue is mitigated.

            spring wise I still run the koni springs that were on my coupe when I got it 10 yrs ago. think they stopped making them then. I run them on the salon too. ride height is only slightly lower and only slightly stiffer.

            I run whiteline rear bar. I think it helps. again a coupe part on the saloon.

            promounts up front make a hell of a difference.

            tyre size id say 225 is optimum. I had 235 on the back at first. for me it felt worse.

            worth bearing in mind its 3 car types here. coupe, estate and saloon. coupe and my salon are identical underneath but saloon feels quite different


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              Is it not that the Avant and the Saloon are the same underneath, with the Coupe having a different rear suspension set up ?


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                mines a b3. its an s2 coupe underneath. b4 is an avant. the entire running gear and suspension, etc is from my coupe. the interior is s2 coupe leather. thensubfram at the rear on mine is saloon but its the same as s2. just like brand new. event the exhaust is exactly the same. just had to extend the hanging brackets.

                saloon is more rigid and lighter than coupe imo making a better car.


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                  Thanks guys. I would like things to be reversible if possible. That being said I have no intention of ever selling the car. To own one has been a dream of mine since I was about 14 in 1998 haha.
                  Im still in disbelief that I was actually able to find a way to import one to Australia without owning it in the UK for a year. I got one around 4 years ago before the prices started really climbing which
                  was lucky! It handles well and I am happy with the car but would like improve on what i can realistically. I like doing a track day once a month or so with some mates.
                  Chipped might be enough for me maybe ill try it and see. Mine is stock except for a supersprint exhaust which was on it when I bought it. I'll have to check if it's cat back or from the turbo.
                  Im surprised how quick they are already. I kept with an s15 that has 400whp from 3500 rpm in 3rd we stopped at the top of 4th so it wasn't long but he was surprised haha
                  rs2 should have about 260-70 whp am I right? and the s15 is 300kg+ lighter. They just have trouble putting it to the road I think.
                  Im going to go poly bush through out.
                  Upgrade anti roll bar.
                  I'll research the kw vs bilstein and stock springs a bit more. Budget allowing if want to do track days once a month and drive on my bad roads is it worth going
                  to kw2's so I can adjust the damping a bit for each?
                  I always use 225/45 tyres have tried good year eagle f1's and got 8000km out of the fronts! I then tried michelin pilot sort 3's which didn't hold as well but lasted a lot longer.
                  I am now on pilot sport 4's and am very happy so far.
                  I have found a thread on here concerning geometry and am going to get my tyre guy to try this set up next.
                  Error I would also like to hear any of the other tweaks which can be made.
                  Thanks all for the input! it's much appreciated


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                    Another option is stock springs with koni shocks, which is what I’m running on mine now.