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Bilstein B6 shocks question

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  • Bilstein B6 shocks question

    I've just trial fitted a pair of B6 shock inserts into a pair of struts I've been refurbishing.
    The yellow shock body protrudes beyond the top of the strut at least 5mm and the gland nut has only about 3.5X turns of engagement by hand. Is this right?

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    Is that pic of it screwed all the way down till it stopped? I've just done a set of struts to fit b6 into and found similar but mine screwed down more than 3 threads. Are the threads clean allowing the gland nut to spin down freely? There aren't actually that many threads inside the gland nut, certainly way less than the number o Top of the strut so don't expect to need to use all of them!


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      Hi Steve, yes that's it screwed all the way down by hand. The threads have been restored so that I can spin a standard OEM strut cap down to the end with no snagging. This would leave about three threads exposed. I also made sure the B6 insert was centered too of course.
      I also tried screwing the gland nut down without the insert and it runs to maybe 6 turns or so, I'd need to check that. Even at that , the number of exposed threads seems rather high to me.
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        Is it front or rear strut and do you know the EXACT history of them, I. E original for the car never been off before etc?

        I ask because I have had a strange occurrence while getting my struts done where my first set of inserts were actually too short and didn't stick out of the top of the strut at all. I got them as new old stock from a guy who used to work for SMS motorsports.

        You may or may not recall that in the 90's SMS sold factory approved tuning and upgrade parts for the s2 and rs2 and so the story goes that he 'liberated' a set of b6 inserts for the rs2. They are pukka as they have a part Audi number on them and are stamped rs2...

        The point of this story is that I bought them, found they were too short for the s2 struts I have and had to buy another set of dampers. I've never heard of differences in strut length before but am now wondering if rs2 struts were slightly shorter than s2 hence my shortfall problem, if you have rs2 struts and s2 inserts then you would have the opposite problem like you have.

        I also noticed that of my set, there were differences of 2mm between them and that is 1 thread on the pitch they are on and having just looked at my now spare set of rs2 dampers - the gland nuts only have 6 threads in them for info.


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          These are front stuts as far as I know, I don't know the origin of them unfortunately.
          That's very interesting info regarding the SMS shocks and the possibility of differing strut tube lengths, I'll try to do a bit of digging and see what I can find .
          I have some other struts and twin tube inserts I can compare lengths.
          I'll report back if I find anything of significance.



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            I've not checked but I guess ETKA might offer an insight for s2/rs2 strut part numbers.

            In the dim and distant past on a fwd coupe I had koni dampers and they needed a collar to install them, I think it was to fill the gap between the top of the shock and the threaded top cap. I can't remember whether this went at the top or the bottom. As another idea, Make sure there isn't one jammed in the bottom of your struts!


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              Ive got the same suspension on my car, but its due to front and rear absorbers. They are different in height when put into the housing and thats why you wont reach the exact amount of threads. Make sure you put the right absorber into the right housing and you wont have the problem


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                According to the photo you are just putting audi 80 50mm bilstein inserts into S2/RS2 55mm "legs". Just wrong parts.
                Strange thing is the nut fits leg thread.