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    Quattro always have 12mm thread size. Buy the correct dampers and you won't need to "adapt" anything.
    I have Bilstein dampers in my S6 with Eibach springs. It's looking great.
    Drove yellow Koni with Eibach springs in my S4 and it was a little bit deeper cause of the gas in the Bilstein dampers.
    Same springs, both V8 engines in the S.


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      Not sure that's true, a lot of the kits I've looked at for quattro and S6 specifically say do not fit M12 threads (which after a bit more shopping is indeed referring to the top thread).

      May be looking at coilovers now anyway after a little chat with a local WOF (MOT) tester

      On the note if anyone can point me at some sub £1000 coilovers that with fit M12, that'd be super as I'm finding the same problem.


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        I realize this is mostly solved. But either way is it really that big of a deal? Seems to me that:
        On the rear: If you got a shock with M10 hole and your car was M12, you could just drill out the mounting hole to M12. No Biggie.
        On the front: If you do have the smaller M10 top nut (Which you shouldn't since you have the sport suspension), and you got the Bilsteins for the M12, then all you would need is a new Top Mount. Its just the hole size in the mount thats different isn't it? If you want to be sure, just order new top mounts while your at it.


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          I couldn't figure out the issue, like you say, a drill or a washer would solve it either way as far as I can see but I bought the Bilsteins with M12 anyway, I'll update with some pics when they arrive