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Creaking steering

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  • Creaking steering

    Need some advice just had an mot on the car and it passed with flying colours a couple of days after its started to creak when i turn left and right i have kw coilovers fitted which are about three yrs old and i have checked to see if there is a broken spring apart from a few loose bolts on the top mounts which are solid ones they are all fine. So can someone shed some light on this please.

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    Perhaps someone who runs similar kit can help if you could be more specific/descriptive about the noise? For instance, it is not a "clunk" like a loose joint's clearance being taking up, or a "twang" like a spring re-seating itself, correct? Does it occur with the steering wheel steady? What about with the engine off? Etc.


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      No it only happens when the engine is running and i make turns left and right.


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        a) Again perhaps you could expand on what the noise sounds like, for instance does it sound like a creaking door hinge when the door is moved slowly? If not, what? A more precise description of the noise will likely help get you to the correct location more quickly.

        b) Perhaps next check if the noise is coming from the power steering system as follows:

        - the fluid level is good?

        - Is the belt loose, dirty or worn such that when the pump is loaded (i.e. during a change of steering input), belt slippage occurs causing the noise?

        - If no joy with the above, then try removing the P/S belt; drive the car without belt, does the noise continue?


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          Check your ARB links between the roll bar and the strut.The ball joints either end tend to creak when they get dry from lack of grease.l