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Creaking noise while steering? Check drop links...

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  • Creaking noise while steering? Check drop links...

    About a 1000miles ago full suspension refurb was done with new top mounts, poly wishbone bushes, subframe bushes and bottom ball joints. Happy days, lovely tight and quiet motoring returns.

    One day while reverse parking in a move that required lots of steering lock; a creak was heard.

    Creaking got worse but only seemed to do it after a drive of a few miles which was strange.

    I isolated the steering damper as a cause by taking it off. No change.

    I relubed the poly bushes. No change.

    I swapped the rollbar drop link on the side that the noise seemed to be coming from. Sorted.

    The upper most ball joint was VERY tight and all I can think is that in use it got warm and then tighter to the point of almost jamming. It really did sound awful inside and out of the car and the wife could feel it through the passenger foot well floor.

    Message of this post is: got a funny noise from the suspension? Check drop links! They are around £20 for lemforder items and really do make a hell of a noise when they go wrong! The drop link on the other side was already new as the old one was rattling and it sounded like top mount failure to me until I grabbed and rattled the link and it's loose ball joints.


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    Thanks for sharing your findings, I've made a mental note of that for the future. To be clear, are you saying that both faulty items were lemforder parts or were these just the replacement parts you fitted?


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      The new parts were lemforder items because they are original fit. The parts that came off were made by who knows but they weren't very good.

      I find that the rubber used for the dust boots on cheaper brands of tie rod, drop link or ball joint is the most visible difference to lemforder - it just doesn't seem to last as long. Although having said that - there were some cracks in the old rubber parts but not enough to let grease out and still they had failed!

      Anyway, happy creak free motoring!


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        Hi Steve. Do you have the part number please? I’m running an RS2 front anti roll bar, same droplinks I presume?




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          Lemforder 10055-02.

          Rs2 roll bar on s2? If you didn't swap the drop links when the rs2 roll bar went on and it fitted, I can't see why these won't fit

          Shop around, 'Mister auto' seem to have them at a good price on ebay but not always in stock.