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To buy sets of all bolts needed

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  • To buy sets of all bolts needed

    Is there any website that sells sets of bolts for example for the hole front subframe and suspension and for the rear subdframe with wishbones and everything ?

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    I didn't find anyone. Audi still sell some of them. I managed to get rear subframe bolts from Audi but not front. I got the eccentric bolts from Vagbolts on ebay. The rest from different ebay sellers.
    Every time I go to the breakers yard, I get every rust free Audi bolt I can find. I have built up a good collection.
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      I agree with Dave. I got everything I could from Audi and the rest from different eBay sellers. also has some bolts.


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        If there is enough I nterest I can supply high tensile bolts with the correct VW spec zinc flake consistent torque anti-corrosion coating. I have to buy in quantities of 100+ per piece, and to be honest having been stung with some recent projects I am wary of investing money in offering old Audi parts anymore.

        Which are people struggling to find?
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