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Rear bushes for diff carrier options?

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  • Rear bushes for diff carrier options?

    Is there bushes to offer that are Not poly? Cant find anywhere and heard that polybushes make there very Good vibration?
    Found AK ones and strongflex half the price
    of AK.

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    Autodoc(!!!!) have a listing...….


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      I have the AK ones and they are very good. Nil vibrations.
      Nothelle S2 Avant in restoration
      Wr Ur Quattro (also in restoration)


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        Made new ones from POM. No vibration even that material is quite hard.


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          ristokru Good question sir! Perhaps there is an "S4"-rated rubber version of the base model rubber bushes from Audi, for the up-rated models with a different P/N? But this type of location is actually better suited to poly generally than in some others, as opposed to say an A-arm bushing location were rotation occurs, none is found here. However, as you might expect, the poly makers might be reluctant to tell you their recipe, so it's more difficult to compare them in advance. Apikol made 2 grades.

          Isn't "Good Vibrations" an old vinyl disc, not poly; or perhaps it was it Polygram?