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Wheel not straight after refitting coilover

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  • Wheel not straight after refitting coilover

    Fitted the coilover back after overhaul from KW on Tuesday and i noticed yesterday that the wheel is out of line the top and front is pointing inwards from the arch not sure what's wrong i have taken the coilover off a few times and not had this happen before anyone else had this ?

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    The two bolts that connect at the bottom of the strut are adjustable, and it is likely that you have this out of position.

    Loosen them and pull/push the strut out/in and see how things are affected.


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      Thanks will try that


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        You need to get your 4 wheel alignment set up again. When you remove the strut from the upright you change the camber and toe angles.
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          Thanks Alex I’ve been trying to get it booked in for months due to my front wheels knocking when you turn but the garage that does it has been closed due to Corvid and now is fully booked for months.