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Help wanted to possibly convert to HTML5, engineering animations of suspension.....

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  • Help wanted to possibly convert to HTML5, engineering animations of suspension.....

    .....concepts, prior to the EOL deadline of Flash Player (31 Dec 2020), to prevent the permanent loss of these files.

    I have no idea what I'm even talking about! Don't even know if this is the right question or if this is even possible, but my aim is to be able to perhaps post the salvaged subject illustrations here as learning tools for members. Anyhow this would have to be done shortly (Flash being disabled at year end), if at all, over the holidays. Anyone have a clue about what I'm going on about, perhaps has a little time; and would be willing to lend a hand? If yes, please PM me.

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    Conversion is not easy, sounds more like a re-write to me, is what is required.

    Have you an example of the page in question?


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      Certainly Sir,

      These items are online at a site run by these folks:

      The particular files I'm interested in start here:

      The one that caught my eye was this one:


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        Looking through that, and I know it is a HUGE amount of work, but it would really benefit from transporting into a more modern learning management system.

        For the diagrams, I am struggling to view them using flash already, as Chrome is blocking, Safari doing something else, and Firefox refusing to run it, shame, I would have liked to see it.

        If they are relatively simple animations of blocks, I reckon it could be done with SVG animation fairly simply, though I am not an expert in this, I do know someone who is.... it is not likely to be cheap, but then I expect the original flash work wasn't either.

        The other option is to create the animation in an animation app, and export it o MP4/Webp video and embed straight in the page. You can auto play videos, so long as they are muted.

        Does that help?


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          Thanks for your attention Bowie. I'm afraid it's all Greek to me. Hah! You loose me at the third sentence! What gets me is that this cannot be a unique situation, this must be happening all over the place, no? It's like the second wave, in that it was known to be coming, yet we are not prepared. What a shame. Previously, for something different, I do recall using an online service to convert document formats or something, you gave them your doc in X and they give you back your doc in Y, that's what I was hoping for.


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            Unfortunately I don't know of, nor can see any tools that will handle any flash conversion that includes animation.

            SVG is just another image format, akin to GIF, that allows animation. Difference is, it is vector based, which makes the format nice and small.

            I think the answer is you need someone to remake the animations, there is no simple way through this.

            If take the opportunity to update then at the same time, if it were me, I am sure they can be improved upon with the modern web


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              If all you need for now is to retain the animation rather than recreate you could take the low tech approach, assuming you are using windows use the snip and sketch tool to record the portion of the screen for each animation and you can save them as MP4 video files then.

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                WRT Low Tech Approach:

                This subject is way over my head, but that does sound like the most logical next step, if such is possible. However Windows? Never! Hah! Surely there is a Mac equivalent? I do suspect the most immediate barrier, my current inability to display the animation whatsoever, may also prevent me from capturing the file or any data from it in any form, for any future use, conversion, re-write or upgrade. But I will try to pursue your good suggestion sir.

                Thanks Greg.


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                  Lago Blue for mac you can use the screenshot tool. Shift + Cmd + 5 and you can choose a portion of the screen or full window too.

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                    Greg_S Thanks for that sir however I'm not yet convinced that there is video or animation here to capture. Is it perhaps the case that this file and all the files here are simply still slides, and the Flash Player component might simply be to display them in sequence?

                    Position of the Steering Axis 2 - Audi 80.png


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                      Here's what I've been able to piece together from the above single slide's location. As this was likely a factory drwg. to start with, my thought is this can be used to help show and understand what the original suspension design intent was. This is a L.H. front corner, the view looking forward, from aft of the wheel/tire assy.

                      Audi 80 Front Suspension drwg.png