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S2 coupe rear anti roll bar mounting rubbers

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  • S2 coupe rear anti roll bar mounting rubbers

    Guys I cannot find the rear Anti Roll Bar Mounting rubber bush for my 1996 S2 Coupe. Part number 893511327B.

    Audi Tradition have but at 4 Euro for the Part and 70 Euro for transport its madness.

    Can anybody confirm the correct Powerflex part or any other make part numbers or where to buy them. I would prefer rubber mountings.
    ABY ~12-13mm

    Audi 80 - 90 Avant Quattro (92 - 96) Rear Sway Bar Mounting - 12 mm
    Powerflex PFR3-511-12



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    Hi Steve,

    I share your preference for rubber here (even though this part sees mostly rotation) as in some translations of this part's name they are called 'insulators', perhaps with some justification.

    I don't see a supplier close to you however I did see this one (Singapore), you might ask them for a shipping quote as they list South Africa on their site:

    The other thought I had was, if you are prep'ing to re-do your A-arm bushes too and perhaps placing an Arm-Stops order w/me as discussed earlier, I may be able to source these in the U.S. and package them together for perhaps some savings. However I can't give you a shipping cost in advance.

    How did your away trip go?



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      Hi David,

      The short Kruger holiday was great lots of photos taken. It was a nice drive to and from the Kruger Park for the S4. Will send you a few photos if you wish.

      A week later we did a round trip of 2000Km to see my son before he returned to the UK but this time I used the S2 and she performed great. Stopped by the police on the way back so they could admire the S2 and have a chat. They said they had never seen and S2 before . 4 People stopped me during that trip and asked if they could buy the car, told them its not for sale This happens most of time when I take the S2 out for a drive

      I did notice on the way back a small knock coming from the rear of the car when lightly coming off and on the throttle while cruising at 120kph. Think it could be the diff mounting. Checking that out this week. I have a poly bush for the replacement

      As for the link you posted I will go into it and also thank for the offer to assist with a U.S. purchase. I will be doing the arm stop order with you. I have requested my local Audi dealer to check the parts bin first to see the make of bush they have (still waiting for a reply) Once I get confirmation that they have the BOGE bush then I will start ordering the part needed.

      I am just checking to see if getting the bush from Audi Tradition via my son in the UK will be a better pricing option.
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        Powerflex don’t make them. They told me it’s the one part the don’t supply. The original rubber one are not flat like the powerflex ones. I had to order from tradition unfortunately.
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        1996 S2 ABY Coupe silver
        2003 S3 8L dolphin grey
        2014 RS4 B8 prism silver


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          This looks like the same shape as the original.

          Rear Anti-roll Bar Bush 14,5mm – Audi S2 Coupe – Street Hardness

          SKU: POW-022-75
          EAN: 5901138351260


          Rear Anti-roll Bar Bush 14,5mm - Audi S2 Coupe - Street Hardness - VERKLINE


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            Yes, to me, those looked correct shape too when I was searching.
            1996 S2 ABY Coupe silver
            2003 S3 8L dolphin grey
            2014 RS4 B8 prism silver


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              Just been under the S2 inspected the bushes and both appear to be in a very good condition. Thinking I will leave them alone for now.