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Max safe power on standard wishbones

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  • Max safe power on standard wishbones

    Having now fitted the 20Vt and homefried it, I am concerned about whether the standard Cq wishbones are going to be able to take the extra torque over the long term and is it advisable to uprate / strenghten them ....Thanks
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    If in doubt quite a few peeps have had them seam add rigidity.

    Have seen a few fail on here prolly through age...the newer ones from the 'motor factors' shops have not gained much respect from people who have bought them...cheapo copies?

    Have a spare set of pressed type from my b4q, if you're looking to do a 'bobo' job.

    Can check the no.s if needed?

    The cast are nice but heavy...supposed to improve steering feel.

    On the look out for less bits for my s2 saloon project. Now supporting myself by shooting for my food.


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      I think you should be more concerned about braking loads than those associated with laying down power.

      All torsional loads related to applying power go through the driveshafts, there will be loads associated with the struts being pulled forwards under acceleration which will put compressive load through the front legs of each wishbone and tension loads through the rear legs, but there are no significant torque loads transmitted via the struts under acceleration.

      I'd say it's just like anything else, look for reduced lifespan and always keep an eye on them with periodical inspection.
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        As mentioned above, the force and shock from braking is higher than you will achieve from any amount of power. That's what they have been designed to cope with, and they do quite well

        I'd be more worried if you were using slicks with a much heavier engine or something.