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  • Subframe Positioning

    Hi All,

    Just wondering, I'm going to strip the subframes off and refresh everything. The new subframe bolts are stretch bolts, so they're a one trick pony. I was wondering when I refit the subframes, will they fit in one definite position or will they need adjustment as part of the alignment? I'm trying to figure out if I should just nip them and trailer the car the short distance to the alignment man so he can position everything as he wants it or fit them up properly and torque them correctly?

    Thanks in advance

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    When I did mine some years back, I was given the following advice

    "When all 4 subframe bolts are undone and the pressure on the antiroll bar is taken off, also undo/slacken the gearbox mount or mounts in case of quattro and support + disconect both ball joints to the hubs.

    Then... if you were sat on the floor in front of the car holding the subframe with both hands, you need to pull the subframe forward with your right hand and push back with your left hand untill it hits the max/stops.

    Basicly for the camber on our roads the near side wheel has to be ahead of the offside, they are not exactly aligned.
    So many people assume that tracking is responsible for pulling to the left, this is 99.9% not always the case."

    After having the alignment done, the car ran perfectly until the day it died
    1989 NG Q Pick-up (Daily)
    2002 ASZ Golf (Doris' Daily)
    1997 AJK-G2 A6 Avant Q (In surgery)
    1999 AGZ Bora (Daily 2)
    1994 ABC A6 Avant (Spare)
    1984 JS Coupe GT (Slow progress)
    1982 WN Coupe GT5 (Spare)
    1983 MK1 Golf GTI Pirelli (In storage)