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Clutch pedal sticking down

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    Perhaps this would help (from S2Central's Lazarus thread)?

    Clutch pedal stop.png
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      What is that? Some sort of rubber?


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        I think it must be as it makes a satisfyingly quiet thunk sound when you take your foot off the pedal.


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          Although I have managed to alleviate that with anti rattle felt tape, I think due to the high pressure hose I get a lot of vibration from the engine on hard acceleration. At least I think it's that. I'm now waiting for original parts to arrive to replace and see


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            Ok more updates,

            Along with the fact that vibrations coming into the car, I also realised that getting into 6th gear wasn't as smooth anymore.
            I then had a look and it seems that the exit of the slave cylinder where the high pressure hose lies may be fauling the gear stick mechanism for the 6th gear.

            So on Monday we will be making a rubber pressure hose instead with copper endings to avoid this situation. Failing that, we will wait for the OEM hoses that I ordered to fit those instead.


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              Ok refitted the OEM hose along with some modified quick release copper connection and pedal is back to normal without any vibrations.
              It appears that Audi knows how to make some hoses so unique to be difficult to replicate the feel.