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Left rear diff mount sleeve / spacer

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  • Left rear diff mount sleeve / spacer

    Alright people, just going to bolt up diff with new seals and subframe, looks like there is supposed to be a spacer/sleeve between mount and bolt on left side. There is no part number on EKTA, anyone know outer dimension and depth of it or if I can buy one anywhere? Cheers

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    Is it maybe a large washer about the same diameter as the part of the mount that the bolt buts to ?


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      number 17 on here ?


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        Hi John, thanks for quick reply, no it looks like a spacer tube, item 17 on diagram.
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          Yes, see what you mean.


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            There is an M10 bolt going through an oval hole about 14mm wide in the support arm so looks like there should be something in there. I had to cut off the seized bolts on old frame and have chucked all rusted crap away and have new frame with new bushes and mounts.

            There is no part number for this part which makes me think it was not used.

            Still after advice from anyone that has replaced bolts and bushes on this arm. Cheers.


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              Is it actually that important?'s not used on the right side.?? Could it be that only the mounts from the factory had this part fitted?

              Is the S2 different from CQ, as I had mounts apart on a friends CQ recently and didn't come across this spacer.


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                Hi John, I am fitting it up today without without the spacer, i am in agreement that it was probably not used as it does not have a part number, just seems a little strange that the hole in the support is so much bigger but guess this could just be for some adjustment. Thanks for your reply.