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Clicking sound low speed rear drive shaft RS2

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  • Clicking sound low speed rear drive shaft RS2

    I changed the outer CV joint on the rear half shaft thinking this would get rid of the clicking sound from the rear shaft. In the past I found the the outer CV are the first to fail but I still have a clicking sound could it be the inner CV or something else?

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    Rusty splash guard or crud.... Thoroughly your tyre for a screw/nail sticking out.
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      How loud is the clicking?

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        this is a mechanical clicking I think it is a CV hope not


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          Before you go whole hog and change it you could try re greasing it. It might have dried out a bit. You should just be able to slide the boot off and inject some new CV grease in using a grease gun. Worth a try.
          However, it's not too difficult to change once you have removed the shaft. I ended up just changing all of mine whilst the car was in bits. I'm glad I did now!
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            I did remove it today the grease had dried up and on revolving the wheel prior to removing the cv it felt notchy on changing it no more clicking.