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  • 7A clutch

    Just had a call back from a supplier that I had ordered an LUK clutch kit from, saying the 7A clutch was no longer being made in the aftermarket, and was main dealer only (yeah, right.....)

    So, anyone know where we can get these? I have replaced mine before, about 15 years ago, and it was £300 then(!), but that was nearly 70K ago, I think, so with the box out, I was going to replace.

    I don't want a sports one of any description, a nice soft OE feel one is fine for me, it is not like I have hundreds of torques to contain with an essentially stock 7A engine.


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    I'd have thought Sachs or LUK will make them.
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      LUK apparently not....


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        You may want to consider sourcing from USA. Rockauto are showing them available. You can get the friction disc relined if it's worn although at only 70k it should be good for many more miles. I had my engine out and was going to do the clutch which had done around 85k. It was only 25% worn so didn't bother.


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          Cool, will try the US route.

          It is not that old, granted, but I do get occasional slight juddering, so was planning to replace.

          If I can't find a reasonable solution (cost and inconvenience!) I may just inspect, and then decide whether to replace it when I get the engine out next year at some point.


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            Seems Sachs do still make a high performance version, up to 550NM, clearly I have no need for that, but it may be the only option, that or >£500 from Tradition.....


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              On 30/03/18 I ordered sachs part number 3082.912.001 from autodoc. It was £120 and is working in the car now ever since. It was actually listed for a 3b if I remember rightly and, amazingly someone from autodoc actually phoned me up to confirm what I'd ordered was what I wanted!


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                Well, whadya know, a short tale to amuse.....

                I placed an order with for an LUK clutch, and, as noted in first post, I was contacted me first thing on Monday via text to say unable to supply, and they offered me a refund. I had ordered last thing Friday.

                Just now (Tuesday), they called me to arrange the refund, however, they explained they had a bit of a hunt around, and have been able to find an LUK clutch for me, and can do it at a reasonable price as well. They explained there is a 4 day delay in them getting stock, and asked if a week's wait would be OK?

                Of course, it was, I asked them to send it.

                In all, a very positive experience, polite lass on the phone, asked me what I wanted, got back to me in good time.

                People don't often say when they have had a positive experience, the human disease is to moan, so thought I would update with this


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                  Cheers steve briance , looks like our posts crossed!

                  Two positive experiences!


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                    Meant also to say, I will update the LUK part number when I have it in hand.


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                      Hah yes, 5 minutes apart!

                      Yes, it's nice when companies take a bit of extra care. I know lots of folk dislike autodoc but I genuinely have never had an issue and the phone call was a nice touch.

                      Keep up the good work on your cq20v, nice to see another one getting some TLC.


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                        So... the wait of up to a week has been bested:

                        Impressive stuff, this is the part number:624 0550 00:


                        Fingers crossed it fits, and works

                        Will make sure it at least slides onto the gearbox splines at the weekend


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                          If it’s from Autodoc and it’s a genuine part that turned up within a month and actually fits, then you should also buy a lottery ticket this week
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                            I don't *think* this is autodoc, despite the very similar name, but still, am amazed!

                            i always find autodoc quite slow, obviously coming from .EU somewhere.

                            This was these people:


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                              You can always tell if you ring the number.
                              Often, if it sounds too good to be true, it will divert to AutoD1ck where they will promise the earth for a fiver, but deliver a fake turd mounted on a used lollipop stick 5 weeks late and then rape your dog while you're not looking.
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                              Indigo ABY coupé
                              Imola B6 S4 Avant