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Universal Joint(5spd) rebuilt stiffer

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  • Universal Joint(5spd) rebuilt stiffer

    I was getting a bit tired of how loose my shifter felt when in gear and in general so I took the shift linkage out and followed the B5 guide on Audiworld. The U joint housing on the CQ is pretty much identical.

    Got it back in today and wow! This mod combined with the 034 short shift kit makes for a great feel. It's not too notchy, but still has a nice stiff shift now. One bit of advice is to use a punch to center the drill bit when drilling the rivets out with a press. I messed up and made my holes way to big. Had to have my friend weld aluminum back on the housing then regrind it. Since this mod doesn't say what sizes of parts they used I sort of had to figure out what worked right. Also it is easier to drill straight through on the box and tap the entire length of the hole.

    x2 Nylon spacers 1/2" ID 5/8" OD 3/4" long(cut down to about 13.5mm)
    x2 split steel spacers 1/2" OD (cut down to 13.5mm long)
    x2 5/8" electrical grommets

    x2 M6x1.0 allen heads(used to bolt u joint assembly to rod)
    x4 M5x.8 for holding box together

    I forgot to take pictures of the project, but I'll get some later when I take it out to fix a few things. For now the pictures in that mod article should be enough.
    1990 Audi Coupe - 7A for now

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    You missed this then...


    On the look out for less bits for my s2 saloon project. Now supporting myself by shooting for my food.


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      Originally posted by Flat on my back View Post
      Nice, Didn't see that one. Wonder how they compare. That one looks like it stiffens up both axis, the one I did only does one. It's also a bit easier on the wallet and is doable without a welder(providing you don't mess up).
      1990 Audi Coupe - 7A for now


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        This link doesn’t work. What’s the name of the thread?