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Which tyres on an S2 coupe

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  • Which tyres on an S2 coupe

    I checked the age of my tyres yesterday and they are stamped 2012. Nine years old and they have 75% of the rubber left. goes to show how much they have been used

    The present tyres are Dunlop Sport MAXX 050+

    Now that the car is being used again I fear that they are long overdue to be changed and I am looking for recommendations.

    Tyre size required 225-45-17

    Tyre requirements

    South African Summer and winter conditions hot but can get heavy rain. Great grip required in all weather.
    Not bothered about how quick they wear out.
    Will be using Nitrogen to fill them.
    What is the recommended pressure.
    Must be quiet on all surfaces. Lots of concrete highways in SA.
    There could be times when they will have to be driven on dirt roads.
    The car from what I understand is now running at about 285kw after all the mods.
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    Uniroyal rainsport


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      Toyo's / Dunlop Sport Maxx / Michelin Pilot 4s
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        Got dunlops on mine but my S2 is sitting on 18s great grip and quiet


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          Continental Contisports have been great on mine. Didnt rate the pilot sports at all, especially on concrete surfaces, actually got rid of them rather than wait to use them to end of life. Goodyear Eagles are good and spent a while on Falken tyres which were almost as good as the Goodyears but cheaper!

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            Uniroyal rainsport
            Dunlop Sport Maxx
            Michelin Pilot 4s
            Continental Contisports
            Goodyear Eagles

            Please add to the list of tyres and make your selection which you would pick.


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              The tyre I've enjoyed most overall is the Michelin Pilot Super Sport. Not as grippy as a Dunlop Direzza Star Spec but last way longer and quieter even as the treads wear down. Close second for an overall tyre was the Bridgestone Potenza RE050A Pole Position, like the PSS they were a fantastic balance between performance and treadwear. The PS4 will probably be my next tyre, though the Nokian Z-rated summer tyre is high on my list. And I'll have to look into the Firehawks because a friend with a built UrS4 raves about them, and they're not expensive.

              In no particular order:









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