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Audi Coupe Central locking issues. On 2 different cars.

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  • Audi Coupe Central locking issues. On 2 different cars.

    I require some help with the Audi Coupe central locking system, its dooming me, on 2 different cars !

    On the first car, will go mention it as the Red car, the central locking works sometimes. Didn't seem to find the reason that makes it work sometimes and other times not at all. no matter from which hub its open, it will not open all the time.

    On the second car, Silver to be exact. The central locking doesn't work from the Driver side but it works from passanger side. I don't know if it matters for future references, its a quattro.

    What could it be ? Pump ? Electrical ? Pure user error ? They were working just fine for a while and after a few months, they both failed, first on the red, not long after, on the silver one....

    Any advises would help me a lot !!

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    On the silver car, I suggest, there’s a small microswitch in the door lock which you need to check, you can access the 3 pin connector if you remove the door card. The wire is grey or white.
    Test the switch with a multimeter while operating the lock with the key, it’s single pole two way, biased off.
    This fixed the drivers door problem on my car.
    The other car, maybe the pump, maybe the wiring loom to the pump under the carpet (my coupe had broken wires in this loom), maybe both microswitches?

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      I get intermittent issues with mine which I’ve always assumed is related to the alarm but it could be microswitches or the wiring that runs under the doorstep trim. I have to remove the central locking fuse to reset the controller and it works fine again for months until it gets confused again, normally when I use the key rather than key fob to lock or unlock.
      It might be worth trying this to help diagnosis?


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        Did you find out what they problem was with your locking?

        Mine has just started playing up. It works fine until I drive it, the doors all lock above a certain speed (as it’s always done) but when I stop the car and get out nothing locks…. Even if I use the key?


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          I would start by looking at the contact on the actuators, mine were badly tarnished and not making connection. I used an emery board to clean up the pins on the actuators and on the plug side I replace the pins inside the plug. As a test you could try and clean them up with a needle file. I also purchased some electrolytic grease, which I applied to all the pins. Since then I've no more locking issues. My issues were not the same as yours as my pump could not detect the doors were unlocked so just kept the pump running for around 5-10 seconds. I would also check for broken wires behind the door rubbers that appears to be a common fault.


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            Thanks for the response. Wiring all checked out tonight. It’s always after I drive somewhere and the car self locks then the doors won’t lock again. I have to loosen off the drivers side lock (two hex bolts), that allows the door to lock again. It then works fine until I drive off?