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Thinking of restoring my 1990 S2

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    Is the repeater lamp bulb not just a 5w type?.......if it is then it not being there will have little effect on flashing frequency.


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      Originally posted by johne View Post

      Yes, it's easy enough to do. Source a new(er) compressor with the right fittings and pulley, have the A/C system flushed through, replace the receiver/drier and expansion valve (costs less than £20 for both) and have the system recharged with R134 and appropriate oil. You can buy adaptors for the charging valves to convert to R134 but the new compressor should have a high side valve on it and you can do all the charging and discharging through that. The low side one is difficult to reach so rarely used. The A/C system is pretty basic so not much to go wrong unless one of your pipes and or radiators has corroded so now has holes and leaks.
      Thanks for this, some really good info here.