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    Originally posted by Error404 View Post
    Nice bit of engineering there for the remote accessory drive Those flexi-shafts are crazy expensive in high torque/rpm applications

    Maybe its just me, but I am disappointed with the wiring job.
    Yeah I thought the same on the wiring. I was expecting it to be wrapped at least.
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      Funny you guys mention the wiring as I was surprised they fed the looms through the frame with care, then didn't install a grommet to protect the insulation from vibration. Thought it was a tad peculiar given the extent they go to on brackets,etc.

      At any rate, this latest edition usurped my favourite episode (the heater box) as the "they'll never top that!" episode.
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        I'm sure it will be wrapped, it just isn't finished yet...


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          I am sure the wiring comes out again when car goes for paint. They had no grommets but addressed that at the start of the video.What an amazing alternator solution.

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            I'd agree, the wiring is just to make it fit at the moment. It's Amazing what these guys do.
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