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Nogaro Blue S6 C4 Automatic For Sale (Again!)

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  • Nogaro Blue S6 C4 Automatic For Sale (Again!)


    A few years ago I offered my S6 for sale on S2 Forum

    Then I decided to keep it for a bit longer during which time it had a radiator, oil cooler and head gasket replacement. A couple of years back I SORNed it and it's been sitting in a corner of the car park at work in South West London since then. In time (naturally) someone decided to steal it but, incompetently, only managed to destroy all the door locks. So it's now sitting dejected, a nice engine, fine interior, blistered lacquer over the lovely Nogaro Blue, front door cards removed awaiting the replacement locks I've never sourced. It drives but, of course, has no MOT, so would best be taken off on a flat bed. Other faults (non heated driver's seat, etc) are still as specified in original ad :

    Any Offers?

    S6 Front.JPG
    S6 Rear.JPG
    S6 Rad.JPG
    S6 Seats.jpg
    S6 Blisters.JPG

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    Bloody low life scumbags I hope someone saved this one, looks very nice. If only I had space and funds I'd take this in a heartbeat. If you're not in huge rush to sell I'd make sure it's put back on the road, surely too good to rip apart.
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      Well, I'd only myself to blame really. Once people notice an undriven car over a period of weeks they pounce. It's the incompetence that gets me. At least they could have stolen it and let me claim on insurance. But they just messed up all the barrels and, even then, they didn't get it. The problem then was how could I get in? One spare side window ordered did the job - but it was remarkably hard to break the glass.

      Of course you're right. The UrS4/6 has a really nice character and I miss it, though it's wasted driving around London. I just haven't been able to find the time to get it sorted out but I certainly don't want to break it, even if it's worth more in parts. So that's why I'm here - hoping I find someone who'll give it a good home!
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        Thank you to the various people who took an interest. The car is now sold to an enthusiastic and knowledgeable owner who'll be giving it the attention and home it deserves.