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  • S2 plans

    Hi Guys,

    Just trying to get some ideas as my preferred choice of exhaust manufacturer are too busy to be able to make me one - I’m glad in a way because it means they’ve got work! Any decent recommendations, and is it best for 3 inch down pipe, as well as 3 inch system - sports cat & exhaust manifold?

    On my TT I have Bilstein B14 coilovers, for the S2 I did see KW anyone have any experience of them?

    Alloys I like the OEM Avus style was looking for S8 ones to match - do I need spacers, or are the S6 ones better - prefer 18’s.

    Remap I know isn’t possible so would have to be a chip - best one to go for with?

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    Depending where abouts you are in country I use my local Exaust fabricator they make very good custom exausts systems,turbo manifolds,in mandrel bends fully tig welded top gear performance Doncaster.


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      Thanks for the reply I’m in the West Midlands


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        PTR Exhausts in Brackley are highly recommended by me


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          its PTR exhausts for me too


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            thanks I’ll drop them an email see what they can offer - am I right thinking 3 inch system including down pipe, 100 cell sports cat? Do I need to upgrade exhaust manifold?


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              depends what your aim is? you dont have to change manifold. i would go 3 inch complete system.


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                A useable everyday car, with a bit of extra poke - not aiming for numbers or huge power, there wouldn’t be anymore mods after that


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                  Then I would not bother to spend money for EM.just get 3" all the way from turbo .


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                    Ive sent PTR an email hopefully they reply.

                    Coilover wise what’s the general consensus I see KW one of the only ones been offered.

                    Chip wise where can I get one - I’ve seen MTM, but not sure who would fit it.

                    silicon hoses - original rubber will be 20+ years old, best brand, Ive got forge on my TT but they don’t make any for S2?



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                      Roose Motorsport do silicone boost and water hose kits,I'd try to source another ecu thats been chipped already by PRJ or Paul,at least you end up with a spare ecu and trustworthy map,probably the same cost as well by you the time you factor in fitting etc
                      It's a love/hate relationship with the S2,i love it,it hates me