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  • Audi S2 Coupe value

    I picked up last year a S2 that had been sat for a long time, it was far to good to be broken. I ended up stripping the whole underside as wear it was sat i was not happy using it with out inspecting everything. I ended up completly stripping and renewing.

    Working in the events industry has some what taken a toll on my finaces last year and this year is not looking great at the minute.

    I dont want to sell. But would be keen to know what its value is for worst case.

    -1991 S2 Coupe Ming Blue
    -Re built engine, Bearings, Rings, Balanced, all parts aqua blasted so looks brand new (800 miles since re build)
    -New Clutch, fly wheel re-face, new through out bearing
    -Serviced injectors, new fuel filter, New 044 pump
    -Porsche Calipers
    -Refurbished Avus with brand new toyo proxes
    -New Discs and pads front and rear
    -New rear brake calipers
    -New Power flex bushes
    -New engine and gear box mounts
    -New drop links front and rear
    -New lower ball joints
    -New Damper inserts
    -New boost hoses
    -New steering tie rods
    -New wheel bearings
    -New sub frame bushes (alloy)
    -Stainless exhaust
    -White line rear anti roll bar
    -RS2 front ARB

    Basicly the whole under side is brand new. With new zinc coated bolts everywhere and every part powder coated black.

    The in side is mint black leather, finished with the carbon inserts looks more like 120k miles. I dont have full MOT histroy so it could be a clock change as its not showing signs of the 230k.

    The body is showing signs of being 30 years its not concours. This is the only point letting it down.

    Once i am back home next week ill post some pictures or do some kind of project thread on it.

    Thanks Chef

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    Values are all over the place and now is not a good time to sell. I guess it would be in the £10-15k region. There was a red one on ebay that ended yesterday at £12444 (failed to reach it's reserve). I went to see a nice green one for another member last year and from memory I think it sold for about £9k. Knowing your stuff, It's got to make top money.
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      They are impossible to value Chef. I don't think anyone could provide a definitive answer. The state of the bodywork will be the decider for most people, as I doubt anyone wants to buy a car which needs a respray unless its a bargain. If the paint is presentable, I'd say 13K and upwards. The work you have done already will be a big plus point. Fingers crossed you don't need to sell it.
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        The million dollar question as they say lol! From what you’ve said it sits between 10-15k. As mentioned much depends on bodywork as that’s expensive to sort but the mechanics and underneath sound excellent so that’s a huge plus point. Hopefully you don’t need to sell. Good luck.


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          £5k - £25k! We have all seen overpriced dreamers and the odd bargain under £9k. If feels as if it is a strange time to sell a car. No one is really driving anywhere, there are less cars for sale and no car shows to go to this summer to speak of (yet).

          The only thing that might be selling is "lockdown projects" but given the state of some peoples finances, they are going to want a bargain.

          I guess it depends how desperately you need the money vs how much you will love the car once finished. The second one is completely intangible!

          Good luck!

          P.S. where are the photo's?
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            Thanks chaps!

            I'll post some pictures at some point next week. Lots of fair comments.


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              Yes as above really I'd say anything from 10k upwards really, and as they now come into play for the yank markets who knows

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                Is it still a 5 speed with 3b engine? J plate from chester way?
                Sounds like the interior has been changed if it has carbon trims, didnt the 3b have the perforated leather trims ?