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  • Spring options?

    Looking for some advice please. My car has a set of H&R springs and a fresh set of Bilsteins. The springs were on the car when I bought it and I find them very harsh.

    Been looking for aftermarket options but it seems the two options I have are Eibachs - which always seem to be sold out - and the H&Rs I have already.

    Has anyone used a set of springs from a newer car with success? I know the C4 stuff should fit but hoping there is a readily available set out there?

    thanks for reading

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    Perhaps you are referring to just the fronts alone, correct? If yes, what is on the rear, are they stock, if yes perhaps you can find matching used fronts? What does your trunk sticker say, 1BA or 1BE?

    It sounds like you might actually prefer one of the several stock springs? With the P/N and colour codes (see in UrS4boy's post at link) you may be able to find what suits you at a wreckers:



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      I will take a look at the trunk sticker in the morning - too dam cold to go out there right now haha - but there are H&Rs on all four corners. Will check out that post and try to source out a set of stock springs that will fit