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95 urS6 AAN - Coil connections

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  • 95 urS6 AAN - Coil connections

    Hi everyone.

    I'm in need of some help. Got a bit of a hickup with my urS6. After 2 years of standing (head replacement) I managed to get things back into place. However, as my luck goes my memory is letting me down with one specific section.

    As the coil packs went back on I found myself with the question of where do they plug in... I found a pic (see attacehd marked-up one) of what I'm assuming the orginal setup looks like but I seem to be missing the firewall plugs (or atleast some of the plugs).

    Now I can't remember unplugging any of these but it is what it is. I currently have (from right to left) the blue, green, first grey and then a black plug...the rest isn't there....

    I've looked every where and can't seem to find the missing plugs for the coils. Either I'm missing a piece of wiring loom or I'm going crazy.

    See the second photo of what my engine bay looks like by the rack.

    How will I go about tracking down where the plugs are that I or someone probably unplugged at one point?

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks.


    I'm not sure if this is the standard firewall side where the coils plug in. This is my current situation.

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    These are your two POS (power output stages)
    There are connectors on the other end of these.

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      newsh - Thanks

      I'm still a bit confused how they tie up with the coil pack harnas. See attached the coilpack wiring. The lug seems to be ground...
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        White connectors are +12v and connect to the white connectors on the main engine harness.
        2x 3pin black connectors go into one side of the POS units. 2x 4 pin (black & brown) on main engine harness connect to other side of POS units.
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          Thanks for the help.

          I got it sorted now.

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