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  • Audi S2 ABY Avant for sale

    I have decided its time to sell my S2 Avant so i can move my attention and time on to my many other neglected projects. This is a well known car on the forums and has been looked after by me for over the last 4 years. Since buying the car i have spent a lot of time and money keeping the car up to a good standard. I have a build thread on here that some of you may have seen that has most of the work i have done over the years. He is a like to it below:

    Here is a list of all the work that has been carried out by me and previous owners
    -Genuine V6 front bumper (no headlight washers, looks much sleeker)
    -New indicators and fogs (fogs have retro yellow bulbs fitted)
    -Elipsoid headlights (wiring changed inside as required)
    -Genuine set of vag updated red top coilpacks
    -Recent full coolant flush inc. new thermostat
    -New high pressure power steering line
    -New freshly built hybrid K24 turbo with billet compressor wheel
    -New N/S front inner CV joint
    -New front discs
    -Genuine wooden Nardi steering wheel with Audi horn button
    -Sony CD player with Aux in / USB in
    -Genuine BBS LM wheels, 18x8.5" ET30. been fully refurbed with all new black bolts and genuine centre caps.
    -Brand new cats

    Spec list - ENGINE

    -Top end engine rebuild 2010 (forum member confirmed)
    -tsfi coil pack conversion
    -Revised ‘red top’ VAG coil packs
    -New expansion bottle and cap
    -New Aluminium radiator
    -New water pump
    -New thermostat
    -New cambelt and rollers
    -PJR chip set
    -Bailey recirculating DV
    -Hybrid K24 turbo with billet compressor wheel
    -RS2 intercooler
    -New Genuine N75 valve
    -New Bosch lambda sensor
    -New genuine MFTS and plug
    -New Bosch knock sensors
    -New Sachs uprated clutch
    -New 034 motorsport clutch release bearing
    -New slave cylinder
    -New JHM gearbox syncro kit with uprated 1/2 shift collar
    -New genuine injector seats
    -New Genuine PCV system and pipework cleaned
    -New heater matrix
    -New Bosch auxiliary pump
    -New Roost motorsport coolant hoses
    -New Wagner exhaust manifold
    -New EFI products refurbished wastgate
    -New genuine wastegate diaphragm
    -New 034 motorsport uprated snub mount
    -New NGK iridium spark plugs
    -New genuine fuel tank cap
    -New genuine power steering pump X plug and washer
    -New power steering pressure sensor gasket
    -New rear crank seal
    -New camshaft seal
    -New diamond crank washer
    -New billet timing belt pulley
    -New bosch hall sensor
    -New 034 motorsport wastegate gaskets
    -New valve stem oil seals
    -New alternator


    -New front lower arms
    -New front drop links
    -New front de seized track rod ends/collars (full laser alignment carried out)
    -Front suspension tubes removed blasted and powder coated
    -New KONI front shocks
    -H&R springs all round
    -New top mounts
    -Rear subframe removed and powder coated
    -New bambridge solid rear subframe bushes
    -New solid front subframe bushes
    -New poly lower front arm bushes
    -New front bottom ball joints
    -New genuine front strut top mounts with strut top savers
    -New wheel bolts
    -New rear wheel bearings
    -New rear ABS sensor
    -New track rod ends
    -New Bambridge steering arm bushes and stainless adjusters
    -Homemade shifter rod bearing upgrade
    -Rear lower arms removed and powder coated re bushed with power flex bushes
    -Rear hubs powder coated and re bushed
    -Rear upper arms replaced genuine
    -Rear drop links replaced (lemforder)
    -New Rear wheel bearings
    -New front and Rear CV joints
    -New rear upper arm Poly bushes and new bolts
    -Neuspeed rear anti roll bar
    -New steering damper
    -New rear CV boots

    Spec list - BRAKES

    -Rs4 back plates
    -B7 s4 300mm rear conversion
    -New pads , discs , carriers , calipers
    -New handbrake cables
    -New hardline brake pipes
    -New rear brake hoses
    -Rs2 porsche front calipers
    -New audi a8 discs
    -New front Textax brake pads

    spec list - INTERIOR

    -Standard interior door trims with carbon
    -Boost gauge and holder in dash
    -Clocks replaced (peeling) current mileage is approx 185/190k
    -VR6 front leather recaros fitted
    -Leather rears
    -Fully cleaned and wet vac'd
    -Re-trimmed A pillars (black)
    -Re-trimmed headliner (black)
    -Re-trimmed sunroof panel
    -Other trims painted with black plasticoat
    -Pull handles and sunvisors still original colour
    -Genuine wooden Nardi wheel with audi horn button
    -Replace damaged temperature display
    -Replaced autocheck screen
    -Replaced speedo drive cog

    Spec list - BODY

    -Full Glass out respray
    -Windscreen replaced
    -4x lower door trims replaced (genuine audi) underside waxoiled before fitment
    -Front wings replaced (genuine audi)
    -90 panel fitted
    -interior sections wax oiled where possible
    -S2 badges replaced genuine
    -V6 front bumper (no headlight washers)
    -Replace worn drivers door hinges
    -Repaired damaged rubber fuel lines with copper lines
    -Elipsoid headlights
    -New battery
    -Rear lights resealed with genuine audi sealer cord

    And the bad bits. One small piece of cracked trim on the drivers B pillar. One of the rear speaker covers is damaged. The clocks have been changed because of peeling dials. When i bought the car it had 158k on it but was told it would be nearer 175k when i was sold the car by the last owner. The clocks currently show 172k so the mileage will be closer to 185/190k miles but i cant confirm the exact mileage. I replaced the worn shifter bush and the new one hasn't bedded in (loosened off) yet and is still a bit stiff because i haven't been driving the car much. The leather on the front seats dried and cracked. The rear light lenses are cracked. The paint and trim has the odd stone chip and scuff on it. Drivers side speaker not working. Glass has some scratches. Oil pressure gauge beginning to peel. The LCD clock has started to bleed. I want to be as honest as possible but hope people understand that its an old well maintained car. The car went through it MOT in January and passed with no advisories.

    I'm looking for £9000ono for the car.

    I also have following parts i could do a deal with the car K26 billet turbo, K26 Roost MAF hose, Genuine Audi gaskets for fitting turbo, Aeromotive intank Fuel pump, Bosch injectors, RS2 downpipe (not in photo).

    Car was a cat D 1998
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    Looks a stunner and with all that work carried out should fly of the shelf. Glws.
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      Originally posted by Vorsprung durch Technik View Post
      Looks a stunner and with all that work carried out should fly of the shelf. Glws.
      Thanks, let's hope so!


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        I am still under the impression that some of these cars are being sold to cheaply.
        Yours looks to be a good one.
        From a sellers point of view,I think that alot of the prices do not reflect the work that we put into them and the fact that they are rare and appreciating in value.
        From a buyers point of view,well buy one that needs some work and see how much you spend.

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          It's a difficult one. I did struggle to price my car and asked for advice on here before I advertised! My car has had a ton of work done to make it a good driver car. People who have owned one will know the cost of keeping one on the road. Do you price it for all the hours you spend looking into problems and the cost to sort problems that can come up with older cars like this. We are very luck we have a forum like this to share and look for resolutions to faults! Ultimately what it boils down to though is it's only worth what someone will pay for it.


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            That old saying that your cars are only worth what someone is will to pay it pretty accurate, you cant really charge hours spent looking at faults or work you've done on it either. I watch the market quite a lot and realistically cars are very slow to sell as prices being asked are too high. If youre selling you cant just think oh I've put 500 hours into this and charge that on your car value. It's a very difficult thing to work out and you need price it against what's available on the market at the time of sale. And be honest with yourself, we would all love to value our cars at the highest price but then if you do that it might stay for sale for weeks or even months.

            Good luck with your sale.


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              I think it's a fair price no matter what you have replaced, repaired and renewed. But I would say that as I have an Avant.....
              that aside your car does look fantastic, the red just shouts come and buy me....good luck with the sale, I wish it was for sale when I was looking.
              10 to 12k is a fair price. You just need a person who wants one, let's hope the USA are looking with the recent fly drive and buyers.


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                Got the car advertised in a few places now:




                Had a bit of interest so far. Few offers for swaps but i'm not really looking for another car at this moment. Had some really low offers as well. The lowest so far being £6800 but i'm not in any rush to move the car on and take that little for it. Its early days yet!


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                  God man 6800 the cheek of some people it’s a bloody gorgeous Avant if you don’t get at least 10k+ I would consider keeping hold of it.


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                    I learnt years ago selling cars, bikes, parts, etc you always get people trying their luck. Just can't let it get to you and politely tell them no! By chance I have just sold my project BMW so there would be room to keep the S2 but we will see!


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                      Advert edited. I will include my K26 billet turbo, K26 MAF Roose hose, Gaskets for turbo, Aeromotive fuel pump, bosch injectors and RS2 downpipe if i get my asking price for the car.


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                        I know you said you weren't looking for swaps but I'm looking to sell my B8 S4 Avant for another older car. Of any interest?
                        94-S2 Coupe ABY
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                          Just fitted a new alternator to the car. Price dropped to £10,000.
                          I'm looking for an B8 / 8.5 S4 Avant, Porsche 997 C4S, B7 RS4 Avant or Ducati 998s and would consider a swap plus cash the buyers way or my way!
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                              I'm always struck by how an avant in particular, makes plain that, in a low-wing single-engine 4-seater aircraft kind of way, it's the correct tool for the job if that is capably swallowing all of one's kit, kin and perhaps a couple of countries, comfortably delivering one and all with some athleticism, alacrity and aplomb. Climb capability with a turbo aside, certainly the competence of the quattro chassis and its' cockpit control response, with the engine way out in front, adds to that sense.

                              Like the work listed, you've written a thorough ad here that should attract someone of a similar technically appreciative bent. For instance, I do remember reading on another thread of yours, that lacking any available documentation for the previous timing belt and associated bits, you undertook to replace them, top marks for that purposeful change-out sir. With the known point to distant point performance such a vehicle can provide, it does invite some comparisons to private air travel, including the technical attention required; and to it's valuation.

                              Which brings me to a term also usually heard concerning even small private aircraft: TBO (time before overhaul) self-explanatory and clearly on those terms someone will see the cost-savings in, and the value proposition of your "log-book" and what this car now represents. I hope you won't miss driving it too much when it's gone.