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Audi 80 Sport SE 2.0

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  • Audi 80 Sport SE 2.0

    Hi Guys

    123000 Miles
    MOT until 15th of September 2020
    Electric Windows
    Electric Sunroof
    A folder full of receipts and old MOT's
    JVC head unit
    17" Borbet Type C with four brand new 205/40/r17 tyres (Fitted 29/11/2019 for £190)

    I bought this as a stop gap between lease cars and ended up extending the lease on my current car. This is too nice a car to sit on the drive over the winter and I do not have enough space in the garage, two kids seats in the back does not leave much room for them either, hence the sale.

    The car is fantastic on fuel and does everything should.

    There are age related marks about the car body work, it is not in concourse condition, but definitely impressively clean for its age. The interior is in fantastic condition! The alloys have a kerb marks, but still worth very good money. I have the original Sport alloy wheels for this in the garage.

    The car was registered CAT C in June 2007, the previous owner said that it had a dent in the front grill and was written off for this. The car can be extensively examined, it looks to be completely original, the panels and paint are all original. This is a classic example of a car that had been written off for something trivial, it is a shame, but takes absolutely nothing away from this timeless classic. Which leads me on to the insurance for this car, its on a classic car policy with Lancaster for £140 fully comprehensive.

    If the car does not sell I will empty the garage and store it, maybe start collecting parts for a quattro conversion... I figure it will never do anything but go up in value.

    Many Thanks.

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    Lovely looking car any interior and engine pics just for us wierdos


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      Thanks mate, ill get some up tomorrow/the weekend. I really wish I had the time to start a build thread and see it through to the end.


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        Sorry for dragging my heels with the interior pictures.

        Im mid-renovation with less than a week to go

        A one and only price drop before she gets buried in the garage, I cannot leave it outside any longer.


        Thanks all and a Merry Christmas!



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          Wish I had spare cash I would have this and take the S2 off the road for a sort out Bargain mate


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            Cheers fella

            I truly wish i had the time for this, but I have had enough to know what winter does to these old girls.

            Whilst its up for sale, I still regularly look to source quattro bits for an S2 limo conversion


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              Where are you in whales fella and do you have photos of the inside and under bonnet. Please. Thanks


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                Newport matey.

                These are pictures as of a few minutes ago, it does need a hoover as you can see but im using it a lot more lately.

                ALSO! Its got 123000 miles - NOT the 132000 miles I originally typo'd


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                  Just like to say that I would take a swap/deal offer on this with something bigger, like an estate/avant/touring


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                    Alex for some reason the pics in the first post are not showing up, could you upload them again please? I can see the pics of the interior and engine bay ok.

                    S2 Coupe 3B Project

                    Ur quattro restoration

                    S2 Avant

                    Boost is the new rock and roll!


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                      The images seem to be working for me right now?

                      Can you see them now?



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                        I will reduce the price by a further £350 if you take the car on its original wheels...




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                          This will go as it is for £1100 this weekend!

                          Im off on holiday Monday for a week and would like to free up space for other things.



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