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For sale Audi S2 Limo/Saloon replica

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  • For sale Audi S2 Limo/Saloon replica

    For sale 1995 Audi S2 Limo Saloon replica
    Conversion carried out many years ago to a very poor standard.
    Have owned the car since 2018

    Rescued after sitting outside for 10 years (2008)

    The Good
    New rear heated window
    Refreshed subframes with all new Verkline street hardness bushes and mounts
    Flexible brake lines all replaced with braided
    New pads and disks
    New seals and oil in rear diff
    Strengthened engine mounts welding and fitted correct snub mount
    Rewired loom to use correct ABY connection in engine bay
    Reconnected wiring to V6 loom to dash and got all gauges working
    Bought new wings and fitted the worst side other wing included in the sale
    Fitted electric steering pump but still have parts if owner wanted to change back
    Reworked 3b Downpipe 3inch sleeved, 3inch stainless steel Exhaust with 200cell sport cat
    Five stud conversion with new front bearings
    Refurbished tierods and track rods
    New topmounts
    Refitted engine cooling cowlings

    The Bad
    After run relay and wiring missing from loom
    Some auto check wiring not connected mini check dash
    Paint is damaged from years under tarps only rust was front arches
    Front bumper has had licence plate backing cut out mounted number plate using another behind it
    Needs new front windscreen delaminating bottom edge

    Project thread here 95 S2 Limo Replica - S2Forum - The Audi S2 Community
    Wanted to finish it but have two other S2s one requiring full respray.
    My plan was to scrap my track S2 and fit high power engine to the limo.
    Pulled the engine out of track car at beginning of year but couldn’t kill a S2 chassis even a bent one
    With set of coilovers and some paint would be a excellent motor
    Great looking car just looking to recover money spent £6500
    MOT June 2022

    Limo costing sheet for refurb

    Date Description Part Number Price Parts in Stock
    Trailer hire £80.00
    Audi S2 Limo £1,800.00
    Throttle body £200.00
    Throttle Gasket £10.00
    Inlet manifold £300
    Injectors £150
    Turbo £100
    Dec.19 Rear Window £420.00
    cross member £100.00
    Snub mount £30.00
    Intercooler ABY £100
    wheels 17 X 8J ET35 Avus £200
    powdercoat Silver £210.00
    tyres Federal £230.00
    steering wheel Airbag £50.00
    ECU 280 Eprom £350.00
    Poly Bushing rear end, Front Sub/ARB Verkline £850.00
    Diff Seals 017525400A £27.58
    Diff Seals 857525275 £31.73
    Diff Seals 016409399B £3.75
    Rear Diff Oil £20.00
    Rear Brake Hoses Custom HEL £60.00
    Brake Bleed Valves £4.75
    Coils packs £100
    Brake booster £33.00
    Brake pipes 25ft £15.00
    Fuel pipe fittings £30.00
    M12 Male brake pipe fittings for servo M12 x 1mm £3.00
    VW Mk5 Golf Brake servo bolts 205mm 1K2614105BL £10.00
    fuel filter £22.00
    fuel hose £3.75
    76mm Catalytic coverter 200cell mf 59929 £115.00
    23.Apr.20 brake pipe clips £6.75
    76mm flexy pipe £20
    silicone reducer intercooler £8.25
    CV Grease £16.00
    POR 15 6 pack £60.00
    brushes £10.00
    Vaporust £15.99
    16.Apr.20 Front wishbone bushes £21.85
    ABY radiator cooling fan £40.00
    ABY cooling shroud £40.00
    Motor Oil £30.00
    oil filter £10.00
    oil temp switch £30.00
    Front brake pipes HEL £60.00
    Exhaust rear box mount 8A0253144E £10.00
    18.Apr.20 Brake line hose retainer clp £3.89
    Steering wheel adaptor £25.00
    Fuel lines
    Injector clips £8.10
    Spray paint blue Pearl £13.00
    Track rod ends £14.89
    brake grease £3.49
    rad fan switch £10.85
    cowl clips for radiator £6.90
    Radiator mounts £7.98
    thermostat £16.94
    radiator £100.00
    radiator cowl side £65.00
    cooling fan thermostat £14.00
    6mm tri rated cable £18.99
    PS fuse £6.15
    AN-6 jic fitting £15.98
    AN-6 straight £16.49
    AN-6 toi M14 Female £8.99
    An-6 8mm hose £32.97
    hose clamp £3.49
    AN-6 Swivel right angle £11.99
    brake spring clips £7.54
    Power steering electric pump £40.00
    steering wheel slip ring £80.00
    Timing belt £16.00
    Water Pump £30.00
    Guide roller £20.00
    front wing left Postage 50 £100.00
    front wing right £66.89
    battery £80.00
    Cost Parts in stock
    £5,783.92 £1,100
    Total Cost

    IMG_9634.JPG IMG_9636.JPG IMG_9635.JPG IMG_9637.JPG IMG_9639.JPG IMG_9640.JPG IMG_9645.JPG IMG_9641.JPG IMG_9644.JPG
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    Seems like a pretty good deal to me for an MOT'd, drive away saloon conversion, all be it with a few issues. GLWS.
    1989 B3 2.0 3A 80 quattro. Long term project.
    1992 C4 100 2.8 Avant quattro, daily driver.
    1995 RS2, MTM K26/7, 380 BHP conversion.
    1997 C4 2.8 30V quattro, currently breaking for spares.
    1991 MK2 Golf G60. For sale.
    1990 Corrado G60. Looking sad.


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      Yes, agree. Very nice. I would be tempted if the stable wasn't currently full. Good luck selling. Hopefully it will go to another forum member and we can watch its progress.
      What seats do you have fitted up front?
      Nothelle S2 Avant
      Wr Ur Quattro in restoration


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        Thanks for the comments guys.
        Seats are Edenz and were installed before I bought it, they are mounted low so plenty headroom.

        limo seat.jpg
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