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Who said fitting an RS2 Turbo was easy

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  • Who said fitting an RS2 Turbo was easy

    Started my upgrades today ABY coupe to RS2.

    Man its hard to get to all the bolts.

    Haven't even started with the oil/water lines.

    No skin left on my large hands.

    Any tips on getting to the turbo to manifold 4 bolts. Done two of them closest to the hot side, cannot get to the two on the cold side.
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    'C' spanners help with the turbo bolts.
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        Was going to make the ones I need think it would be better to buy some


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          I used whatever I could to crack the nut off. Once its cracked off buy a cheap spanner and cut the forks down so you get more rotation. Then all you need is a good sense of humour to keep going!


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            Still thinking about how to get the coolant line off that's under the turbo.

            Don't fancy doing this job again.

            One good thing is I will be able to replace the engine mounting under the turbo without any issues.


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              Take the coolant line off at the block end, it's a jubilee clip.
              91 Modded 3B
              14 A6 Avant Black Edition


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                Just been checking the pictures.

                Thanks SteveH.

                I see the DP nuts have changes from a 17mm spanner to a 15mm, stud size is obviously the same.

                That will help with the space issue.


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                  When i took a turbo of once i used a socket wrench and loads of extender bars. The wrench itself was almost back at the firewall, it worked thoug. This was only for the Dp bolts though..
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                    I have a new cast exhaust manifold from a group buy, an original RS2 turbo like new, wastegate and an original cast top section of the DP which I have put together. I am using this as a template to make 2 spanners that are matched to the hard to get to DP nut. (old and new upgraded nut)

                    Will post pics when the spanner has been completed for the 17mm nut head and a spanner for the new style 15mm nut head.


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                      FWIW: after fitting a Suppersprint downpipe the bolts are accessible with normal tools....


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                        Not long done this myself and it's not easy, but cut down spanners are needed and c spanners also on re tightening around exhaust etc..


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                          So my 17mm ring spanner is now a 17mm c spanner and the DP nut is off.

                          Just have to get the bottom of the DP off, disconnect the piping to and from the turbo then lift the exhaust manifold and turbo out of the car.

                          Clean everything fit the new engine mounting and then start the refitting, I think that should go better.


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                            Pictures please
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                              Will take pictures the weekend before the old turbo is removed and I will take pics of the new stuff before and after fitting.