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Who said fitting an RS2 Turbo was easy

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    did you try one of these:

    (don't know the name in english, sorry)


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      English is a tube spanner.

      The issue is the space between the end of the stud and the manifold, if there was enough distance between them I could get a ring spanner in. The gap between the end of the stud and the manifold is only about 1.5mm.

      There is a thick flat washer on all of the studs, I am thinking of removing them from the two stud and them making the stud shorter by the thickness of the washer plus a bit more, I would think this will allow me to get a modified ring spanner to fit.

      I don't see a problem in removing two washers as the copper nuts have a built in shoulder.
      Part number 9 in the picture removed from two of the studs.
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        So I ended up making two studs much shorter by the thickness of the washer, the washers were removed from these studs and two of my spanners were super modified.

        An open ended spanner was cut in half and the spanner edges were made thinner. A ring spanner was made thinner and the edge ground away.

        Using just the copper nut seemed to have worked well.

        It took me 8 hours just to get all the manifold nuts secure, oil lines, water lines and temp DP 2.5" fitted. Hope to get the rest fitted today. WG is about 6mm from flange and abut 6 mm out of line. Not quite sure what I will do just yet.

        At 63 I hope never to have to do anything like this again. Very satisfying at seeing it all go together but hard on the bones and back.


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          Put the WG in the vice. Slip a piece of pipe up the flexi, making sure the flexi is the right way round and you’re inside the liner, give it a tweak. Check alignment and tweak further if necessary.

          Know what you mean about the bones, it doesn’t get easier does it..

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            Ended up working with my son on his A4 B7 vac pump and aircon, will finish the S2 next week


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              Today I finished my RS2 conversion. Well 99.99%

              The first turn of the key and she fired up, once warmed I bled the cooling system.

              Next step is to replace the ECU with the one from Prj. If / when that works its the turn of the injectors.

              After that its the 3" DP.

              After that its the Porsche brakes.

              Then the fun begins, its been a long haul.

              Pic will follow changes and upgrades.
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                ECU fitted and idling nice.

                The car has a surging issue at high rpm not bad but not nice either. Will sort it out one way or another over the next few weeks.


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                  Be careful with the WG Flexi as your manifold will move the turbo forward about 8mm, so you'll likely need to get it all modified or custom fabricated.

                  All worth it though

                  So RS2 turbo+ Exhaust mainifold means the original downpipe and WG flexi pipe won't line up to refit?

                  Always been tempted with the RS2 upgrade, thinking it was basically all a straight swap. Reading this thread it seems a bit more complicated?

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                    The modification was a pain in the butt. And the sorting of leaks that I never had before is a pain.

                    The difference in power is very nice. Just need to sort the leaks.

                    I am sure once completed I will forget the pains and long weekends getting to the bottom of the remaining issues.

                    Biggest problem is the studs and getting to all the nuts on the DP and manifold. Other than that its just taking parts off to get access.