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New B4 Saloon Tdi daily

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  • New B4 Saloon Tdi daily

    Just bought this on Ebay at the weekend, has ton of original extras on it and pile of original Audi receipts, really loving it at the moment as my new daily. Probably going to do some engine upgrades and have all running gear to quattro it. Gav has given me the Saloon bug since picking up his V8 Quattro, never even looked at saloons before that.

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    Looking to swap in remote locking pump from a fe cab, one plug us different but I have the right plug, other 2 plugs are the same, have gone through the wires and there is one extra wire on each plug compared to non remote pump, just wondering how to wire these in. There are a few write ups on this but since all photo buckets photos are not on the posts anymore, it is not easy to follow them. Just wondering if anyone can give me some hints. Cheers.


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      Those two other plugs are the same but wiring layout on them is different. Additional wires must be speed signal, k-line and antenna. Depending on year you can take speed signal and k wire either from abs ecu under rear seat or engine ecu. This thread should be useful:


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        Thanks for the response, will read on that thread.