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    Cool, I was wondering today if anyone has used Ethanol fuel on the 'original' 5-pot. I've been looking at the results with jealously that folks are making on the new 5-pot in the TTRS. Stage 1 with a IC and intake = 490hp. Or with E85... 560hp. Insane.
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      Originally posted by Thuppu View Post
      I'm not trying to be a party pooper here, but as EFI express mention on their FB site, their upgraded K24-7400 is good for about 320whp with pump gas. That would be a quite nice gain to 466whp with e85. Maybe it's possible, I have no experience with this turbo, but it has a quite small turbine, so I doupt it would reach to that level..? 466 crank hp would sound a lot more realistic, and also that dyno plot says engine power and torque.
      That is for 91 octane. This is E85, remote tuned by Marc Swanson With the 11 blade hybrid billet compressor wheel Marc said 360whp on his dyno with 91 octane. Stock wheel around 300-320whp. Drop in wheel around 330whp.

      Called the dyno shop I went to and they confirmed the printout sheet is WHP numbers so 466whp is true!

      I had thought I would only make around 390-400whp as did my friend but we were all wrong.
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        Originally posted by Kiku View Post
        What size impellers? Compressor and turbine?
        11 blade VIVA performance hybrid wheel.

        Stock Compressor Wheel: 45.78mm Inducer / 61.98mm Exducer

        11-Blade: 54.64mm Inducer / 71.00mm Exducer

        Stock k24-7400 turbine with machined k24-7000 housing.


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          Trust me I was quite surprised at the WHP numbers as well!! Marc said that sounds about right though when I talked to him. About a 100whp gain with E85. I think he said I am the first one to run E85 on this turbo in this configuration. I plan on getting it dyno'd again with some small little modifications I have performed recently. I will post up the results.

          Has been great so far. We will see how it does at the racetrack this coming weekend. I'll post up some videos.

          Btw, my tune is also a flexfuel tune which is nice!


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            Originally posted by rxl View Post
            nice results. and that with the 6 hotside?
            I had porsche 6 housing before. Switched to machined K24-7000 housing. So stock AAN K24 hotside machined to fit.


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              Track day this past weekend. Performed decent. Catch can filled up. Need to fix that.