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Audi 80 B4 Quattro sedan with a V8 engine :)

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  • Audi 80 B4 Quattro sedan with a V8 engine :)

    My name is Stefan and I come from Germany.
    I've always driven an Audi 80 and the spring of 2011 I bought an Audi 80 B4 Quattro sedan from 1st hand.

    The vehicle was original and full service history.
    By the fall of 2012, I had the car completely converted.

    It was rebuilt many un the sedan got new paint (original color).

    - S2 bumper
    - RS2 side skirts
    - RS2 mirror
    - S2 Avant wheel hub front and rear (5x112)
    - S2 Sedan Leather interior
    - 3-spoke steering wheel
    - H & R Coilovers
    - Fox stainless steel exhaust system
    - And much more.

    Some parts I took of my previous injured sedan.

    In the winter of 2012/2013 I have my brake system rebuilt.
    At the front, I built 6 piston Porsche Cayenne calipers with 360mm discs and 330mm at the rear wheels with S6 calipers.

    In the winter of 2013/2014 I have rebuilt rims to 18 "Avus. There were also racing springs for my H & R coilover suspension.
    A Delta CC from '99 Audi Cabriolet and carbon bars found their way and I got taillights US

    Now, the sedan was perfect for me. Only there was a lack of engine power to me.

    In 2013 I bought a S6 + C4 engine wiring harness. In between, but then came to me to build in a S2 ABY engine also important to consider.

    In the fall of 2013 I got from a good friend, a Quattro rear window

    In the fall of 2014, I came by chance to a low 4.2l engine ABZ it.

    Yes and that is also my current project

    These were now images I could find.
    Now, however, the first pictures of the V8 conversion

    In between a picture of the last season. I love the picture

    A new set of wheels is also available and is now even more prepared. The Avus remain natural.

    In September 2014, I have the rear brake rebuilt again. 330x22mm with B7 S4 caliper. The holders come from S6 V10.

    To see here. S6 + C4 flywheel, down pipes, vacuum tank and coolant hose.

    The built engine holder of 6mm steel. Thanks to a friend for the time.

    V6 harness left, S6 + C4 harness in the middle, ABZ harness right.

    Again, the oil cooler with built holder.

    01E FTF gear from the 2.5l V6 TDI with RS2 shift linkage.

    After removing the automatic guide sleeve, I could mount the 6-speed flywheel

    Finally, 6 speed
    The holders are from a friend. There are replicas of aluminum.

    After I checked the compression (13 to 14 bar on all cylinders), I am now even replace all gaskets, replace the timing belt and the water pump and mounting a new clutch.

    In winter I would like to develop the engine again and exchange all poetries, camps etc.

    First once videos of the week-end and of course the video of the first engine start
    I am the man in front in the engine

    Now, however, still during the rebuilding resulted pictures.

    Here the built elbows with S6 + C4 to trousers pipes.

    However, there were also some new details for the interior

    Also the new rims BBS were allowed already on the vehicle.

    Now, finally, it could go to the friend on the stage. Exhaust gas arrangement build

    Now, finally, it could go to the friend on the stage. Exhaust gas arrangement build
    Means and final silencers come from the S4 B5 Biturbo with 2x60mm pipe guidance.

    Without further ado I have still changed the final pipes. It should look original

    Now, finally, the water cooler could be also inserted and the lines be laid.
    The management behind the engine to the balance container is an own construction. I have pictures of it, unfortunately, none.

    Here one well sees the fans and the oil cooler.

    Now, finally, he could roll. Unfortunately, the reverse gear did not want yet how he has to go.

    Ready assembled

    The interior is in such a way as he should always be. Finally, in comparison to before, the front door disguising is new (without loudspeaker hole).
    And also from the outside I like him very well

    Finally I can say, the right decision a V8 was to be obstructed in the B4Q
    Tonally and Driving-technically the whole one harmonises very well

    Here over again all videos

    Audi 80 Quattro V8 ... first start

    Audi 80 Quattro V8 ... the first journey

    Audi 80 V8 Quattro ... Speedometer video

    Audi 80 Quattro ... Drive past

    Audi 80 Quattro ... Drive past II

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    Awesome car

    Those gearbox mounts look very sexy, did your friend make more sets of those to sell?

    The car looks best with the S4 Avus wheels IMO


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      I think with i5 getting harder to find v8 conversions are way forward
      I had this delivery today, ideal for v8
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        Congratulations on the exceptionally good build Stefan. This must surely qualify as one the worlds finest if not the finest Audi 80s ever to have been built. Superb stuff.


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          lovely motor there stefan
          ABY Cricket Green Pearl Coupe, blk leather


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            That is beautiful!

            A V8 B4 saloon is such a cool car, and your one is nicely done.
            Current-2004 Impreza PPP wagon

            Sold-92 3B coupe-RS2+, 996s, konis, rear torsen, forged rods........
            Sold ABY-stock


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              Very nice!
              1360kg/600Whp Avant 0-200km/h 9sec


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                That is such a clean install, looks like it came straight from quattro gmbh. Big respect.

                Kind of wish I'd left my coupe with the v8 how it was and just tidied it up rather than trying to turbo it.
                1994 URS4 Avant RS2+


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                  Now this is bad ***! What a looker!


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                    this is THE ultimate 80 compliments on the build and thanks for sharing


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                      Wow nice car and work quality is amazing !


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                        very nice


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                          Awesome quality build ----- and like a beautiful woman :- ' Real easy on the eye '
                          02 A3 1.9tdi 130 sport quattro


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                            Very tastefull sedan.
                            V8 and manual transmision is great..
                            Looks good with the BBS and low ridehight too.
                            Last edited by 80Comp; 8 October 2015, 00:29.
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                            94 RS2
                            94 80 Competition
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                              Fabulous spec for the car. Agree with your treatment of the rear pipes.

                              My dream car, just needs a black leather RS2 spec. seats.


                              As you're that good, and if you become bored, install a Rotrex supercharger, but to be honest, perfect as it is, (apart from the seats), which I'm sure you're going to do anyway.