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  • '86 Audi 80 Zerrmattsilber

    Hi everybody!
    I've been looking around on this forum for quite some time, and have been amazed by some of the projects on here.
    I'm a 24 year old lad from the Netherlands, before I had the 80 I had two other cars, a Reliant scimitar SE6A 3.0 V6 and a Reliant Kitten. Not well known cars except for you Brits on here, and yes I know, princess Anne had one too.
    Kittens are small 600kg rwd cars with a GRP bodywork. Yes it looks silly, but they don't rust, cost next to nothing in insurance and road tax, drive like a go-kart and will drift like crazy when it has been raining. Ideal when you're 18.
    Currently the Kitten is a sleeping project, waiting for me to drop a way to powerful engine in it.

    Three years ago I needed a car that was actually reliable, and ended up importing an Audi 80 from Germany, and I have done a lot of modifications to it since then.

    Mods so far (I'll try to keep this list up-to-date):

    - Lowered 40mm front and back. Vogtland springs, Sachs advantage shocks in the front, Monroe in the back.
    - Competition alloys, wrapped in 195/45/16.
    - Coupé front bumper.
    - Rs2 projector headlights, original projectors replaced with Morimoto Mini H1 Bi-xenon projectors. 50w Hid 4300k in the projectors + 35w Hid Fast-bright in the main beams.
    - Wider grill made from 2 Audi 90 ones.
    - Headlight washers, full OEM system.
    - Avant taillights.
    - 90 rear lights on the trunk-lid.
    - Passat 3BG Aero wipers.
    - Electric mirrors.
    - Electic windows front and rear.
    - Ambient temperature display.
    - Additional gauges in the center console.
    - A4 B5 dashboard switches, with original 80 face-covers.
    - Audi Concert radio.
    - Climatronic system out of a B4. Now fully working.
    - 100 C4 armrest.
    - A4 B6 Auto-dim interior mirror.
    - Sunroof has been converted to electrical.
    - Courtesy door lights from A4 B5.
    - Grab-handles with reading lights.
    - Boot-lighting.
    - Woodgrain accesoires on the dash.
    - Instrument cluster and additional gauges are white backlit, with red needle illumination.
    - Headliner and pillar covers have heen re-upholstered in grey alcantara.
    - Full OEM bottom covers; engine, transmission and drive shaft covers.
    - OEM central locking system.
    - Defa coolant Pre-heater + Wolverine engine oil pre-heater.
    - Power steering.
    - Cruise control out of a B5.
    - Under-bonnet light.
    - Full sound deadening kit; Bottom engine, gearbox and drive shaft shields, bonnet sound deadener.

    I've probably forgotten a couple, I'll add those later on.
    Apart from the modifications the car has had a lot of maintenance and restorative work done. The suspension has all new shocks, springs bearings and bushes. The brakes have been fully overhauled.
    The front fenders have been replaced due to rust. The same will happen with the front doors, i have new ones, but didn't came to painting them yet.
    The rest of the body will also get some new paint on it in the near future, as there are a few spots that have been horribly 'touched-up' by the previous owner.
    The engine is nothing special, a 90hp KE-jetronic. It has proven to be very reliable, but as 90 hp is not that spectacular, a conversion will likely happen later on. Same goes for the driveline, it will probably be converted to Quattro if I can find a good (and cheap!) donor.
    The dash backlight looks rediculous in the pics, but that's the camera's fault.
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    Looks very clean. I've heard of the kittens but not sure I've seen one in the flesh though, have you got some detail on the other project too
    Greg Administrator & Webmaster

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        Welcome! Sounds like you're quite handy, which is always a bonus with these older cars.
        5 cilinder addict:
        1995 UrS6, 2.2 turbo, daily driver, EFI coilkit, custom exhaust.
        1993 S2, 2.2 turbo, ABY, long term project.
        2006 Ford Fiesta 1.4 TDCI. Because reasons.


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          - 35w Hid Fast-bright in the main beams - How do you find these, are they any good ? Can you flash someone in the daytime with them ?

          - A4 B5 dashboard switches, with original 80 face-covers - Very clever, thanks for sharing.

          - Audi Concert radio - Nice one.

          - Climatronic system out of a B4. Unfortunately the evaporator is leaking so the dash has to come out again - Impressive as it's a retro fit.

          - 100 C4 armrest - Very worthwhile on a LHD car.

          - Sunroof has been converted to electrical - Good work.

          - Courtesy door lights from A4 B5 - Clever.

          - Grab-handles with reading lights - Good work.

          - Boot-lighting - worth doing / practical.

          - Headliner and pillar covers have heen re-upholstered in grey alcantara - Nice work.

          - Defa coolant Pre-heater + Wolverine engine oil pre-heater - Very impressive, great idea when you can do it.

          The engine is nothing special, a 90hp KE-jetronic. It has proven to be very reliable, but as 90 hp is not that spectacular, a conversion will likely happen later on. Same goes for the driveline, it will probably be converted to Quattro if I can find a good (and cheap!) donor.

          Check out MDZ's thread on his Audi 80. It also started as a low spec car.

          Wish I was as 'switched on' as yourself at your age.

          Thanks for sharing, love your work and your English.


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            Thanks guys.
            I source my HID stuff from Aliexpress. You'll find thousands of brands on there, but CNlight and DLT are the ones you want to buy. Decent quality, but still cheap enough to experiment with. Don't be tempted to use cheap bulbs, these usually emit a lot of UV-light, which over time destroys the chrome plating in the headlight reflectors.
            I estimate that they are at 1/3 power at the moment they're switched on. It takes a further 3 to 15 secs to get to full power, depending if you're using fast-bright or normal ballasts. You can signal others, but to blind them, you'll have to be patient.
            It is the type of ballast that dictates the speed at which the bulb powers up, so don't pay extra for 'fast starting bulbs' as these do not exist.
            However do make sure that the wattage of the bulb matches the ballast.

            The Climatronic is indeed a complete retrofit. After I took it out the donor vehicle I discovered it was an old R12 system, so I had it running on LPG at first, since I was not in the mood to spend too much on the R134a thing. Sensible? No, but sometimes my curiosity wins from common sence.
            It worked very good though! It became as cold as -5. But since it was leaking, it needed a weekly refill.
            I was pretty sure I blew up the compressor last time, since it started to produce scary noises. When I took it apart yesterday, I couldn't find anything wrong with it, so it goes back in to die another day.
            A new evaporator is on the way, as well as a bottle of R134a. I'll do it the proper way this time.

            On the Reliant; Two weeks ago I got a 150bhp Yamaha engine for it, so with the cars own weight of 470kg, that's going to be fun.


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              5x112 swap

              I've got a set of 8x17 boleros in 5x112 that I want to put on the car, so the hubs need to be changed.
              On the scrapyard I found some B5q rear hubs and CV-joints.
              My car was build in november '86, which means it has a B2 front suspension with 68mm wheel bearings.
              The B5q hubs should fit with a little machining as the B2 bearings have an inner diameter of 39mm all the way through and not 41-39mm like te B5q.
              The CV-joints should fit in place of the stock ones. (knock on wood)
              If not, ill cut the shafts in half, and try to weld the B5q splines on to the original shafts.

              Question: Can i swap over the B5 front disks and calipers as well?
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                Looks good!

                By the way. I know Reliant Kittens quite well, i worked for a Reliant dealer many years ago.

                I had a BRIGHT orange Reliant Fox back in the day - when I was 19... also had a green Scimitar GTE...
                Honda CBR 1100XX Blackbird Turbo....undergoing major changes.....
                S2 Coupe... bit easier off the line...
                '03 ZX12-R daily hack.... lots of nice bolt ons...


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                  Finally finished the Boleros and 5x112 conversion!
                  I'm very happy with the way it came out.


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                    Nice result.

                    Always think 4 x 108 pcd B4 cars look better with the five stud conversion.



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                      great car , great work you've done
                      Cab 2.3E


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                        Nice upgrades on a tidy car


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                          Very nice!
                          96 URS6 plus speck saloon
                          96 URS6 plus speck estate
                          94 2.6 80 Avant
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                            Originally posted by Typ89 View Post
                            I'm very happy with the way it came out.
                            I'd be happy too, very nice.


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                              Thanks! I'm thinking about painting the door handles in body colour, and adding a competition rear spoiler.