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Audi 80 Quattro 1989

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  • Audi 80 Quattro 1989

    Audi 80 B3 Quattro 1989

    Originally sold in Luxembourg, brought to Estonia in 2004

    Engine: 3A - 2.0 litre KE-jetronic with 83kW
    Gearbox: AKT - with 4.555 ratio
    Colour: LY9Y Satinschwarz metallic (Satin Black metallic)

    Not many options on the car, quattro, abs, manual sunroof, light interior, Westfalia trailer hitch, but its retrofitted later, and thats about it I think.

    Options codes:

    067 - 54 Ah Batterie
    158 - radiator fan for vehicle use in warm climates (Tropenkühler mit verstärktem Kühlerlüfter)
    432 - Anti-Blockiersystem ABS
    442 - Alloy wheels (Scheibenrad Alu Aero-Style 6Jx14H2, ET 45)
    476 - Normaal sparewheel instead of space saving emerngy sparewheel (Reserverad mit Fahrbereifung, anstelle von platzsparendem Notrad, 4+E)
    619 - Alternator 65A (Drehstromgenerator 65A)
    675 - Tachometer (Drehzahlmesser)
    827 - Interior (Polsterbezug, Stoff, Crayon)
    977 - Tyres (REIFEN 175/70 HR 14)

    Option codes maybe not be 100% correct.

    Plans/to do/done/in progress

    Front foglights - done
    Power steering from B4 - done
    Procon-ten system - in progress
    Central locking with RF remote from B5 - in progress
    Automatic climate from B4 - in progress
    Cruise Control from B5 - in progress
    Audi 90 grill and taillight panel - in progress
    Electric sunroof - in progress
    Electric mirrors and front windows - in progress.
    Repair Nardi steering wheel
    Replace/repair headlining
    Seat heating
    Audi 90 boot lid interior cover
    Coupe/90 front bumbper and lights?
    Replace the blue interior?
    Bearing? noise in gearbox, repair or replace

    About a year ago, before winter I was browsing car ads and one B3 quattro with front end damage catched my eye. Few days later I was in a scrapyard and saw completly intact and rust free B3 80. Screwed off almost the entire front end, fenders, hood, radiator, lights and so on, otherwise it would have been crushed to scrap. Made a deal if I get the crashed quattro I will come back and buy the stuff.

    Called the seller, if the car was still available, it was. Unfortunately no trailers here were available on that day.
    Took ferry to the mainland, rented a piece of **** towing trailer, thats the one were only front wheels are on the trailer.

    Because of that I needed to unbolt the cardan shaft from rear diff. Also one of the tie rod ends was broken. Would not have been a problem, but I didn't want to come back to mainland only to return the trailer. The seller was a friendly guy, and welded the tie rod end back together (thats why the wheels are so crooked on the picture), so I can use rope to tow few hundred meters from harbour parking lot to the ferry.

    Made it back to the harbour, its friday night and very crowded, no way of getting tickets for cars today, left both cars there and went to the ferry on foot.

    Came back on sunday, ran from the ferry to the parking lot, hooked everything up in minutes, drove to the check in, asked to wait for a minute or two. Cashier said no problem. Towed the car across the harbour, tires squeling beacuse the crooked front wheels, only to see ferrys ramp close under our nose. Had to wait few hours for the next one.

    Back on the island with proper trailer.

    Back home, hooked up trailer to the lawnmower and drove to the scrapyard

    Car looked worse, than it really was. Only new passenger side headlight needed welding, drilled off the old weld spots and new one was welded in place.
    Subframe bolts were all bent and front chassis legs needed little bit adjusting.

    Some more pics of repair.

    All parts painted and assembled.

    Quattro in its natural habitat.

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    1989 Audi 80 Quattro
    1994 Audi 80 Quattro Competition

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    Epic first post / story.


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      Originally posted by macspring View Post
      Epic first post / story.


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            Yesterday I finally completed the central locking harness.
            Lock pump is from '97 B5 with RF remote. Wiring harness is mostly modified B4 sedan wires + some plugs and wires from B5.

            Wiring mess on the floor

            And finished. Cat has a new favourite place, C3 heated rear seats cloth, although its not even plugged in
            Cool pattern though when it is turned on.

            Pump needs coding to reverse the lock/unlock button on remote. VCDS does not have info for this, but I found a spanish forum with complete list of the codes and used google translate. You need to add +00016 to reverse the lock/unlock buttons.

            Right now it is setup so that one push unlocks driver door, gas tank flap and boot lock. Double push unlocks other doors. You also get interior light with delay, with B3 OEM pump you need extra module for that.

            On the car you need new boot lock, gas tank flap and drill a hole for the flap lock actuator.
            Neigbour has B3 with central locking, so I took a few pics and measurments where exactly I need to drill.
            Maybe helps someone who doesn't have a neighbour with B3 and time to translate spanish forums

            Gas tank flap for central locking, has extra tab with hole.

            Central locking boot lock vs regular. Swapped over the lock cylinder.

            New plug in the wiring for blinkers, speed signal, K-line and lock button. Now I need to add answer to that plug into the dash wiring. B4 with alarm uses the yellow plug for blinkers and radio, but I dont have any spare pins for that kind of plug.
            Lock button fits nicely into the rear electric window door handle.

            1989 Audi 80 Quattro
            1994 Audi 80 Quattro Competition


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              How far do you actually drive that lawnmower to the scrapyard?


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                Scrapyard is less than 500m from my house.
                1989 Audi 80 Quattro
                1994 Audi 80 Quattro Competition


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                  Originally posted by M2ki View Post
                  Scrapyard is less than 500m from my house.
                  Dream location, lucky you.

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                      Originally posted by M2ki View Post
                      Pump needs coding to reverse the lock/unlock button on remote. VCDS does not have info for this, but I found a spanish forum with complete list of the codes and used google translate. You need to add +00016 to reverse the lock/unlock buttons.
                      Over time, with significant help from this forum (and others), I've collected my own list of those codes:

                      1 Rear boot unlock & opened (only some models e.g A4)
                      2 Flash indicators on activation of alarm
                      4 Security central opening (drivers door only opens not passenger) with key
                      8 Anti-theft alarm switched on
                      16 Cabriolet functionality on (reverse pump direction)
                      32 Auto lock doors when car goes above 15mph
                      64 Comfort opening/closing of windows
                      128 No ultrasonic installed (cabriolet has no ultrasonics)
                      256 Unknown (rear boot logic with remote A4 ?)
                      512 Radio control close confirmed with one flash
                      1024 Anti theft alarm set confirmed by horn beep
                      2048 US window logic (Power windows do not work once door opened)
                      4096 Radio control open confirmed with two flashes
                      8192 Radio remote contro opening/closing activated
                      16384 No Security central opening (drivers door opening only) with remote


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                        Great job on your new projekt.
                        Perfect wintercar.
                        00 S8
                        94 RS2
                        94 80 Competition
                        88 urquattro 20vt


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                          great post loving it


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                            Excellent first post and a very nice Quattro


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                              When trying to install cabin air filter, one mount on the blower motor housing broke, that was a clear sign that automatic climate control must be installed.

                              Bought a B4 with busted engine that had climate control and trip computer with minicheck.

                              Climate control LCD was broken, replaced the LCD glass with early B5 one.
                              Outside B4 & B5 panels look the same, but on the inside of panel the PCB's are different.
                              Fortunately the LCD element is compatible. Colour difference is because one bulb was 0.9W and other one 1.2W

                              Changed broken bulb on the ambient temp. display.

                              Repairing and testing B5 cruise control. Arduino is generating speed signal for instrument cluster.

                              Cruise control wiring stripped out.

                              Procon-ten system. Steering column cable and seatbelts are missing from the pics.
                              Holes and tapped mounting points are already on the body, plug&play install.

                              Drilling holes for AC pipes and cabin air temp. Dash pics are from Competition, have not drilled the B3 dash yet.

                              Not wasting any parts, made a furnace using that blower motor with broken housing
                              Tried casting some Audi emblems, it was the only item with flat back that I could find when testing the molding sand.

                              1989 Audi 80 Quattro
                              1994 Audi 80 Quattro Competition