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    time to dust this off now that I am largely recovered from my back op at the end of January. Glad to report that it all went pretty well just recovery was much (much!) longer than anticipated.

    Anyway, been starting to sort out the handbrake thanks to a late evening dash to pick them up from Rob on here

    Routing them back up to the bracket was nice and easy but adjustment has been a bit of a faff. New calipers means much more free moving assembly in the calipers and as a result the usual 3 clicks I had before was suddenly a lot more. Ended up having to reset the calipers a few times to get them where they needed to be and then take away the remaining slack on the adjuster. So far, appears to be back to normal. Decent brake bleed and the brakes actually feel really good on a quick trip round the test track.

    Ran the car up to temperature in order to drop oil and filter pre-MOT and noticed the unmistakable stench of hot p/s fluid. Appears that the line from the rack to the pump had been rubbing against the radiator shroud and eventually the plastic shrowd beat the rubber and then s/s braided line resulting in a nice pool of fluid in the casting marks on the side of the block and all over the side of the sump pan and driveway

    Luckily, I did have a spare line which looked to be dry (a first) and solid so set about the blind man feels approach of getting the old one off and routed out from the back of the engine and the new one back in again. I was just about to nip up the banjo on the top of the pump to secure the hose when the dreaded lack of tension told me something was stripped....I ended up with a beautiful coil of metal in the threads of the banjo as they had all stripped off. So yet another relatively simple job consigned to the S2 history books lol Thankfully Alex to the rescue to kindly rebuild it with a undamaged part.

    It did give me the chance to drain down the circuit of fluid which was horribly dark, remove and thoroughly clean the p/s fluid tank and replace the lines which feed it either side as they looked sweaty and tired. The filter in the tank was pretty gunked up too so that was treated to a proper clean and the float on the cap too. Gave the cooler a good looking over as that is starting to have seen better days. Might need to investigate options for a replacement at some point as I can only presume they are long NLA now for the standard part and likely £500 or something


    1992 3b S2 Coupe


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      Its always the stupid things which give such headaches. Good job sorting that.
      Paul Nugent

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        Gemo 402242 & 402243 are the correct length aftermarket, if you can find them.
        Cheers'en, AndyC
        1994 ABY Coupe - Projekt Alpinweiss


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          Nice one, thanks Andy!

          1992 3b S2 Coupe