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  • Audi URS4 Big Turbo

    Hi all,

    Been browsing in the background for some time. I'm from beautiful Cape Town, South Africa. I bought my URS4 about 2 years ago. Car was in Johannesburg and had a fried ECU. Had it picked up from local mechanic where the previous owner was. He installed an standalone ecu, Perfect Power XMS5 and converted coil setup to Audi R8 packs. Few other jobs was needed to get engine started and running. Engine was smoking and had a faint knock. So all work was stopped. Some time passed and I decided to ship the S4 home this week. It arrived yesterday.

    The plan of action:
    Strip interior and clean it all up. Its super filthy and needs allot of work.
    Remove engine and gearbox, full forge rebuild on motor with GT35 spec turbo, will be running E85 (not used as a daily)
    Gearbox also full rebuild with as many uprated parts as possible.

    I would like to document it all as much as I can, so I will be most likely create a Youtube page vids videos of the work and progress. In all aspects I want to do most of it myself with assistance from my dad.

    From what I know its a 92/93 model, 6 speed manual with UFO brakes.