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  • Another "Stroker" Project

    Hi, since everybody is posing with projects and Big HP engines i got jealous and desided to make a new thread for my Car-Project.

    The second reason is that i can post all my questions here and now ****** everyone with a new thread every now and then when i have a question.

    In order to be ok with the Subject title i am going to Start with the engine.

    The progress of the project will be slow according to my finances.

    The car is a daily driver so the engine is coming on the car when it is ready.

    The engine is based on Marco's (Pisobiker-see My "Stroker" Project) on the Audi 2.5 Diesel Block and crankshaft.

    Here is a list that is going to be Updated as i buy the parts for engine and the Rest of the car:

    1. AEL Block - Complete
    2. 7A Head with cams
    3. SPM 158mm 23mm Conrods
    4. Bosch 044 Fuel pump
    5. Bay 600x300x76 core IC
    6. Holset Turbocharger
    7. Moded RS4 Exhaust

    I have allready Purchased the engine, an AEL one complete with pistons and rods but non of them apart from the block and the crankshaft are needed.

    Since on the forum came the SPM group buy (thanks Ross) i decided to purchase the the 158mm long rods with a 23mm Pin diameter. According to the infos from SPM and Pisobiker they have the same Big End diameter so they should fit.

    I did choose those rods after taking into account thos 2 things:

    1. I am on a budget
    2. Since the engine stroke is going to be 95.5mm to have a Rod/Stroke ratio of more than 1.6 (In my engine it is going to be 1.654 and the stock engine has 1.66)

    I think i am not going to have any Rev probs till 7500 since the Rod-Stroke ratio is more than acceptable and the engine parts will weigh approx. the same as the original rods and pistons (the SPM rods and the pistons that i am going to buy are lighter).

    The Conrod Results in Gramms (158mm, 23mmPin) without bolts:

    1. 551,40
    2. 550,60
    3. 551,50
    4. 551,86
    5. 551,40

    and according to Caterpillar here in the Forum:

    "the org 144x20 conrod with the bolt and nut 558-667 grams. from the same engine"

    Here are some pictures of them:

    My Puppies

    The 2 of them have 56-57mm Compressor Inducer diameter and 65mm Turbine exducer diameter.

    The one in the middle has 55mm Compressor inducer diameter and 65 Turbine exducer diameter.

    What do you think is possible with these Turbos?

    Here the Bay IC with one puppy

    I am going to choose the Pistons with the help of an Excel file Justin send me (i hope i am using it right):
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    Today i installed a HKS SSQV replica. The car feels crisper in low RPM and finaly i got rid of th ecompressor stall when releasing the throttle on higher boost levels.

    I am very pleased hope it lasts.
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      i had ssq replica. it was a big boom on 1.5bar.
      its broke for thousand parts.
      Real carbon parts for S2 and RS2. Check Carbondesign on facebook


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        thats bad

        Do you have any pictures? What make was it? What did fail? On mine the only platick think is the Bigger outer Valve. Everythink else is Aluminium (or another metall).
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          Suspension parts are coming together.

          Waiting for the Allroad mounts i am going to fir and some other goodies
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            New drivetrain and Suspention parts arrived today.

            PU Wishbone bushes and Alu Subframe mounts (was not sure about them and wanted to buy with help from Rob-GT500- PU subframe mounts but they didnt manage to cancel the Aluminium Order here in Germany).The concerns where about too much drivetrain stess and stress cracks to the frame due to rigid setup. If i cannot give them back then i am going to give them a go (anyone else having alu mounts on street cars?)

            In this picture you see the Blue Top mounts with the Audi allroad gearbox mounts. They supposed to be better than the stock RS2 ones. And after minor modifying they fit the RS2. The other rubber rings are for the back dampers.

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              I was thinking that it would be a nice experiment to machine a cracked RS2 turbine housing i have in order to install it on a Holset Turbo.

              Take some measurements of the two housings.

              Note here also that the bolt radius on the center section side is the same on both housings.

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                do you want to sell the smaller turbine housing to me???
                Real carbon parts for S2 and RS2. Check Carbondesign on facebook


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                  Here some more turbine housing pics:

                  The neck:

                  Some considerations on the Divided design:

                  Holset divided (the divided section run separate all around the inside of the housing:

                  Audi RS2 Housing with crack inside (who said "if it is for gasoline it doesnt crack"??):

                  I think that with the Machining in order to fit the Holset turbine wheel and some widening in the inside of the RS2 housing and neck we are going to have 2 benefits:

                  1. The crack will be grinded down and removed
                  2. The flow of the RS2 housing will be improved a fair bit

                  would it be safe to say that if the RS2 turbine housing (k26 6 neck) is for 400 HP max after the widening for the bigger Turbine wheel of the Holset it will flow for 450+?

                  RS2 Turbine wheel: 59mm Inducer and 54mm exducer
                  Holset Turbine wheel: 76mm inducer and 65mm exducer
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                    This mod is inspired from Nervas till i get a better EM. Hope i will manage to do it soon enough. We will see....

                    And the next question is: Will the Big compressor housing hit the block if i use the RS2 EM and the RS2 turbine housing.

                    Nervas pics:

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                      looks like an interesting little project!

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                        Nervas had over 400 bhp and good torque numbers with this turbo setup.

                        A friend of Nervas with the same turbo and K26 turbine housing on a Stock MC block boosted 1,8 bar and get 480 hp and 620 NM torque.
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                          Yesterday i managed to machine the RS2 Turbine housing to fit the Holset HX40 Impeller. This is indeed a Hybrid Turbo.

                          Here you can see the machined housing. As you see the inside of the housing (path of the gasses from EM around the impeller is much wider. Is this going to extend the Hp range of the housing or the neck part is the limiting factor?

                          You can still recognise the deep housing cracks (lets hope they are not going to be a reliability issue.
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                            Good luck with the project this looks to be quite interesting, nice pictures as well.


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                              I read the table with the comparisons of 3B, Vasislis and Justin's engine and wonder how the ~30% increase in max piston speed (and friction) is possible. there must be further treatments to the cylinder surface to go with that. To me that is one of the most important figures to look at.
                              Anyway what sense does it make to have big torque @ low revs and not using that to excess and go for high RPM's? I notice my driving style is that I very seldom even go over 5500 and rather ust the torque @ lower revs. I only have a chipped ABY. It is not allowed to drive in 3rd gear @ >5000 here in Switzerland. Even on the highway.
                              The administration invested heavily in speed cameras everywhere across the country.
                              Another point I would like to discuss is driveability. With the new F430 Scuderia it is possible to change gear in 60ms. This means the engine must change revs that fast. My ABY feels sooo dull reving up & down. A lighter flywheel and other litghter parts in the engine can improve this but how much? Sure I can change gear quickly but soon I will have to replace engine and gearmounts at least. I don't want to lash my baby.
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