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    i just wanted to introduce my conversion to K27.

    -Brakeupgrade front to 365mm RS4 B7.
    -Brakeupgrade rear to 312mm RS4 B5
    -All drivetrain parts sandblasted and powder-coated
    -reconditioned Gear-Box & reconditioned rear-diff
    -engine 2.2Liter, MTM IM Ansaugung, K27 turbo, pkm inconel EM

    cylinderhead: cnc-machined combustion chamber, everything ported and converted for mechanical lifters and external oil-supply.

    valve cover changed for crank-case-ventilation like it´s in the tt-rs..

    valve-cover machined for better cooling of the new rs4 coils:

    MTM IM:

    machined for 70mm throttle-body, and machined for the ported head:

    PKM inconel EM (probably one of the best EM´s on the market)

    Wastegate reconditioned:

    76mm exhaust:

    modified dahlback camshaft-gear:

    machined timing belt pully:

    machined s2 3b single-mass-flywheel:


    crazy Water-hose-mixture:

    for heater core from 034efi
    for thermostat-housing to water-pipe from golf mk2 g60 ;-)
    for the MTM IM from wagner
    and the rest from GT-Motorsport

    some small parts arrived:

    water-fitting for water from turbo with -06AN:

    -06 AN Waterpipe behind timing-belt:


    for crank-case-ventilation (in the picture -08AN, but the bigger the better, now it´s 12AN

    SQ-Oil-Filter-Bracket for 2 Oil-Filters. I´m going to use the big filter for normal engine, and the small filter (which only supplies the turbo in the sq) for turbo and for the cylinderhead.

    some brackets for the connectors for the new coil-pack-harness: (these are for sale, if somebody needs them)

    full house:

    gearbox before:

    and everything after reconditioning new (all bearings, all synchron-rings, everthing new), also some stronger RS4 parts in the gearbox:

    gearbox-mounts sandblasted:

    KKK K27:

    and some powder-coated parts arrived:

    all comes together:

    MTM Intercooler:

    Pipe after KKK High-Pressure-Housing:

    4inch adapter on the high-pressure-compressor-housing:

    for the samco:



    painted black:

    ah, nice:

    coolers installed:


    finished product:

    S2 Coupe ABY
    S2 Sedan
    S6 20V Avant

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    You've been a silent busy bee Wolfgang. Those detailed parts and refurb looks business. I especially like your exhaust system.

    What parts of the RS4 gearbox makes the ABY box stronger?
    Cheers mis amigos,


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      Wow, like reading a Lotto fantasy. Any photos of the brakes ?

      Nice work.

      Enjoy, won't be hard.


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        niiiiiiice work ¡¡
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          That looks nice, Wolfgang


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            Congratulations on all that work. Looks great.

            One negative comment: The sloting of the 20V turbo coil pack cover will not be enough to prevent the early death of those red 115E coils due to heat. They are better left exposed. You might also want to tweek the dwell time to something like 2.5 milliSeconds (IIRC).

            Pretty but still deadly (to the coilpacks):
            RS2'd 93 UrS4 5 spd sedan
            94 UrS4 V8 6 spd manual avant


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              Bravo Wolfgang!


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                Best first post ever!

                Beautiful build, look forward to some updates on this beast.
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                  Nice built and a lot of dedication to details. Congrats. Just out of curiosity:

                  Why did you choose for a K27 turbo? Today there are alternatives giving much earlier boost with same top-end performance.
                  Why did you not apply for water-jackets around the cylinders while you were already doing cyl. head / block machining?


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                    Nice work The only thing I don't like is the white coil cover


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                      geile karre


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                        Great build like it all


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                          Very nice project and some quality work there.
                          B2 90 quattro with boost


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                            Good work, nice choice of upgrades!
                            -91 S2 VEMS and Comp Turbo
                            -12 B** 530XD Touring "S2 parts transporter, and daily driver"


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                              some drivetrain stuff:

                              RS4 Rear Brake Upgrade:

                              RS4 Hub vs. S2 Coupe Hub

                              RS4 rear hub, S2 Coupé standard wheelcarrier, rs4 caliper carrier (unmachined), girling 4/43 caliper, rs4 b5 standard discs

                              Girling 4/43

                              Front setup 365x32mm rs4 b7 rotors, vw phaeton hats, rs2 brakeline, rs4/rs6/r8/gallardo calipers, rs6 4b caliper carrier and rs6 hubs with special MTM/SMS/Hohenester wheelcarriers:

                              hopefully i can post some more pictures tomorrow..
                              S2 Coupe ABY
                              S2 Sedan
                              S6 20V Avant