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90 CQ full build AAN, interior, restore..

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  • 90 CQ full build AAN, interior, restore..

    Hello all, been lurking a while, and finally found a CQ, not easy in my part of the world, Montana USA. Slim pickings! I found a pearl white with black leather interior, exact one I wanted! Will be doing a 20VT swap over the next little bit, while I gather parts im working on the interior and all other areas of the car.

    The door card inserts were all falling off, i had finally purchased an industrial sewing machine, as i did a month long upholstery class. so i put it to work while i gather other bits.

    I plan to either paint the wood trim piano black, or go with carbon. i will also do the center sections of the seats, as the seats are in great condition. All pillars will be done in the same black alcantara. The sewing is extremely time consuming in this pattern, but i absolutely love it. Any other trimmers on here? amateur or otherwise?

    more soon the ups trucks are coming.

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    I like the door cards

    24v VR6 Turbo powered B3 Coupe Quattro coming soon........

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      Very nice needlework!

      Pull the foam off the speaker grilles, it has perished and served its purpose now!


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        True, you don't notice it without the camera flash. i will strip it out for sure!


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          i don't have a pic of the whole car for some reason, but heres my other projects, coupe is super long term, 7A big turbo/01E and have to swap full audi 4kq floor pan for Quattro (impossible to find a urQ here, and if you do find one, you don't cut it) the mk1 is done for now....


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            Liking your stitching.
            I like the wood too, it's sheer class.


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              Some dedication there on the upholstery work. Great result though.

              Some interesting projects too, how long have you been working on each of them?

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              '93 Coupe with a few tweeks


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                What's been done with the mk1? I've had quite a lot to do with those through friends and my brother.


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                  Mk1 is fully fettled, ABA (2.0) 16VT garrett T3/T4 60 trim, standalone management, 02a cable shift box from a corrado CAE motorsport shifter, spec stage 4 clutch, nut and bolt restoration all parts from VW. Fully shaved bay, coilovers, Mk5 GTI black magic pearl paint and Alpine white in the engine bay. 14x8 borbet typ T wheels.

                  About 4 years to finish mk1. The Coupe GT is a couple years in the making, have not done much as of yet, its shortened 320mm, but not nearly finished. I read Hamish's first thread, and got a bug in my *** to do it lol. I don't get much time on that car. will be expensive to build...


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                    Nice Cars & needlework
                    Do I spot an airbag steering wheel about to go on ?
                    Cab 2.3E


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                      Ya, its from a b5 s4, so its large spline. was gonna try a mk2 golf hub adapter and make it work, not sure if it will? anyone ever try that? I have a Grant steering wheel with small spline if it wont work.

                      Im parting out the salvage title urs4 to get all my engine and wiring etc, as soon as its out of the garage, im pulling the dash to get ready for the wiring and refurb the heater box. New fan, heater core, and re-foam all the blend doors while im in there. I would like to do the manual heater box but maybe down the road, this one works fine minus the blower motor smelling like its gonna start a fire any second


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                        a4 or later 80 (coupe/Cab ) had the adaptors fitted from the factory.
                        Great projects
                        S2 Cabriolet.........


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                          forgot to mention you will also need later air bagged equipped 80 plastic surrounds for the steering column as different to non airbag models
                          S2 Cabriolet.........


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                            Another one liking the wood in there!

                            Perhaps I am biased, I have a B3 with the same...


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                              Originally posted by Bowie69 View Post
                              Another one liking the wood in there!

                              Perhaps I am biased, I have a B3 with the same...
                              Wood belongs in there!