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    Need some Help with ignition map, run 98 oct and gt3071 ar63exhaust,440cc inj 3" exhaust, no cat, car its very very slow.. go better with gt3071 chip.. thats bad... need some Help or Maby share a map?
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    The car has Been tuned by estuning in Trondheim, and Now the car like a diesel is a bit more efficient, but lacks much ... sorry for bad english..,


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      Tell me more about the specs. Is it stock head and pistons, stock camshafts and please take a better photo to show the left column of boost kpa


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        Orginal head and orginal CR and cams, h rod, 1.9bar boost, the car goes much better with chip...
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          Looks like way too low timing for it to make any power. I bet you may also have high exhaust gas Temps.

          The timing you have at 230kpa I have at 300kpa.

          As youth turbo starts to build at 3500rpm or thereabouts, it have about 12deg there and gradually build up to reach 18deg at 290kpa.

          Make sure you use 98octane fuel. If this map is for 95 octane then it's still safe but too low timing.

          Also make sure you have someone or some sort of listening for knock

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            Hi exhaust gas Yep...Only 98oct on this gastank


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              Maby you have a pictrues of a great/good ignition map? Or share a map?
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                if you run 98ron then look to take for a safe setup 1 degree for ever psi or so. thas the old rough rule. so if you get 30 odd degrees start at 15 or so for a bar and work up adding timing. what vas says is true. think I have 20 odd at 2bar boost.


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                  Okei tnx