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Stock Maps for a 3C ABY

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  • Stock Maps for a 3C ABY

    Hi there.

    I have recently purchased an Australian delivered, 1995 S2.

    The car came to me tuned. I have since opened up the stock Motronic (A revision with no immobiliser) ECU to find it having two custom chips in it.

    I subsequently found the writer of the software, a Dutch guy named Sjored, who has been very helpful to me.

    He managed to get his hands on some stock maps, and I emailed them, along with posting some new blank chips, to a local chip tuner I know.

    My chip tuner can recognise the chips with his software and flash the bin files to them, but they don't stick, leading us to believe that the bin files are corrupt.

    So, can anyone supply me with stock bin files, "turbo" and "motor" that are known to work?

    Thanks in advance

    It may look nice on the outside, but needs a lot of work underneath "Turbo" chip "Motor" chip

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    Not an expert but I would pay attention to the chips themselves rather than the SW! Two potential issues. One is whether the replacement chips are blank/protected in some way. The other is whether they are what they claim to be.
    The original type of chip needed to be uv erased before reprogramming. There are other types of chip though, one time use, electrically erased etc. There are also a lot of fake chips. This is important for the boost chip as its an odd one, 87C257. Not all programmers can handle those.
    If the tuned chips are the OE ones then a possible solution would be to read the chips and save the tuned files. Then uv erase the chips checking to ensure they are blank and then try loading the stock sw. If that doesen't work you can just reverse the process and reinstate the tuned files.
    For clarity, what version of the stock SW do you require?

    Not sure if you can post the stock bin file on here so that someone can take a look if they are corrupted.


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      I think have stock ABY files I can email.

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