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Brake pads for track and road?

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    Yes it's me. Pads still available.
    terrible for track days.


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      Thanks for replies Guys

      Originally posted by diesel des View Post
      I see someone is selling cl rc6 pads cheep on this forum. Get them bought!!!!

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      I'll test them, and I'm considering to change brake fluid too.


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        Originally posted by vladi View Post

        and I'm considering to change brake fluid too.
        If you're trying to increase your brakes performance, then a change of brake fluid to a minimum of new DOT 4 fluid should be your first action.

        Rather than just 'considering' a change - Just sayin........

        I accept that English may not be your first language and so my comment on the word 'considering' would then not be justified.

        Best wishes.


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          I changed my brake fluid this year, but with normal DOT 4 Textar. And I'm "considering" to change it with racing brake fluid Sorry, my bad.


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            Originally I was running DS3000 at the front and DS2500 rear with the stock brake callipers to get car ballance right. Never had a problem with brake fade on the rallye stages at all.
            The only down side is that DS3000 is not road approved as the formula is not inline with ECE R90 rules, and the body paint does not like it as well...


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              So, I bought Motul RBF 660 brake fluid, and CL RC6 pads from hajbed . I'll share my impression