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Big Reds Anti Vibration Shim

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  • Big Reds Anti Vibration Shim

    I'm in the process of doing a full refurb of the brakes on my RS2, and I'm searching for the front anti vibration shims. Original part number is 8A0615231D, but they cost an arm and a leg.

    I could go with the Porsche OEM individual 44/36mm shims. Part nos. 96535109600 and 96435109601, but as Audi used the 2-in-1 solution I'd like to go that route as well.

    I've found a shim with part number 99635108901, does anyone know if they'll fit my calipers? They look exactly like the Audi part, but you never really can tell just by looking at the pictures.

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    The porsche shims work well and you don't need the 2 in 1 from Audi. Wasted money. I buy from type911 shop in the UK and have always been happy with them