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CoupeQuattro rear brakes bolt-on upgrade version

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    Originally posted by _ShurikeN View Post
    A version for Coupe Quattro typ89 bolt-on rear brakes upgrade with 5x112 lug pattern:

    Rear hubs from A4 B5 Quattro OE VAG p/n 8D0 501 653 B (+8mm track outwards each side)
    Cast iron calipers from UrQuattro/200(44)/V8(D11)/UrS4(4A)/UrS6(4A) for 269mm brakes VAG p/n 447 615 423(4)
    Rear caliper carriers from S8(D2) 280mm VAG p/n 4D0 615 425 C
    Brake discs A4(B5) front == S8(D2) rear 280mm VAG p/n 8E0 615 301 B(P)
    Brake pads, let's say, VAG p/n 1J0 698 451 L

    ~~2-mm-thick M10 washer is to be placed between hub carrier and caliper carrier.

    Caliper carrier bolts must be replaced to smth at last 4mm longer than native ones. The easiest and cheapest way is to use OEM VAG bolts N 101 815 02 (M10x1.25x40) and cut away redundant thread.
    Do you know if the A8 4.2 228kw alu caliper fit this set ut?
    And do the carrier fits the your set up?


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      D2 alu caliper should fit the carrier, but not sure about E-brake cable: it has different attachment point.

      A8 D2 rear brakes should be 269mm IIRC. Should fit similar way as the 280mm setup with Allroad 4B rear 269 disc, but that is not checked properly.


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        Ok, so I must have the 280mm carrier from det S8 D2, and URs4/S6 caliper to this fit the 280mm discs set up?
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